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  2. Hi all. One of the only reasons I am still on Facebook is because I am part of quite a few shitposting groups for various shows, artists or topics that I am a fan of (such as; Bojack, IASIP, Spongebob, Brooklyn 99), where people post mostly post original content/memes, general comments and opinions, or also to arrange local meetups, regarding the groups subject. Unless I am doing a bad job in finding it, I think there is a severe lack of representation for Comedy Bang Bang shitposting, and I think we can all agree that there is a LOT of content we can work with, from both the Podcast and TV show. If anyone might be interested in joining, I’ve set up a preliminary group on Facebook to get the ball rolling. I’ll admit I’m not hot on creating my own sweet ‘tent, but boy do I appreciate it. The group is called Comedy Bang Bangposting Would absolutely love to bring together more fans of one of my favourite shows! hope to see some of you on the FB!