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  1. Hey all, Producer Devon here. Of course making Closing Up The Plug Bag remixes from the episode audio is a tried and true tradition, but just in case anybody wants to take Scott, Ben and Horatio's individual tracks to reassemble them with a little more control, here are the stems! Happy remixing! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/18tgr7pewbheztu/AABeubapmIuGFZ6NrHomQ1RVa?dl=0
  2. Bafflegabs

    P L U G I T

    This is insanely calming and soothing
  3. Bafflegabs

    Ep. 1 To Spaceā€¦ But Further!

    This show is not just for Stitcher Premium, although there will be bonus episodes that are only available on SP! Glad you enjoyed episode one, it's a joy to work on