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  1. Hey all, Producer Devon here. Of course making Closing Up The Plug Bag remixes from the episode audio is a tried and true tradition, but just in case anybody wants to take Scott, Ben and Horatio's individual tracks to reassemble them with a little more control, here are the stems! Happy remixing! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/18tgr7pewbheztu/AABeubapmIuGFZ6NrHomQ1RVa?dl=0
  2. We still have a few great remixes lined up for the next few episodes, but Scott is really loving that we haven't repeated any all year, so if you haven't made one yet, please do! Help us reach this arbitrary but fun goal for 2021!
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    P L U G I T

    This is insanely calming and soothing
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    Ep. 1 To Space… But Further!

    This show is not just for Stitcher Premium, although there will be bonus episodes that are only available on SP! Glad you enjoyed episode one, it's a joy to work on