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  1. Deep Whet

    BMX Bandits (1983)

    This movie was great as a kid, and I'm worried it might not stand the test of time. Possibly RAD has taken its mantle as BMX movie of the 80s. Also I remember some guy going to red carpet things in the late 90's trying to get Nicole Kidman to sign BMX Bandits merch, good gag.
  2. Deep Whet

    HDTGM Drinking Game

    June, amazed at Paul's view (usually sexist or disturbing), just says "PAUL!". She says it in a way to mean, What? seriously? this is not ok Paul, please stop.
  3. Deep Whet

    HDTGM Drinking Game

    These are kinda additional sips to " John Paul blesses us with his character voices" and "June saw something very different / was confused" Jason sarcastically complements a voice with "Wait did INSERT NAME just walk in here? Oh no sorry I was mistaken by your FLAWLESS impression" Jason giggling and giddy asks June (sometimes another), to explain their view- "Wait, wait, wait.. JUNE, what do YOU think happened here"
  4. Do you have to see Fast and Curious movies to enjoy Hobbs and Shaw?
  5. This is not a little kids movie (under 10) but for 11-14 it hits its marks. I am not surprised so many people found it upsetting, but I was surprised how people couldn't buy into the imaginary friend bit. I saw it as similar to Inside Out, where a different persona exists within the main character. I think team Fred vs Team Mum question is confusing, are they asking who you think has Elizabeth's best interests? Because neither, one ties her down (thought that wasn't just metaphoric but now I guess it was) as a child and blames her for the break up of her marriage, the other gets her arrested, sinks a boathouse and asks her to kiss him on the mouth. A lot depends more on who you think Fred is, like if he isn't an imaginary friend, like many seem to say, what is he? A creepy angel/ghost who haunts little girls, gets blown away by sneezes but someone can control certain people but not others and can only be seen by one person but also has no back story of how he came to be????! I am not team Fred or team Mom, I am team June n Jason. I believe she has serious problems, an adult still not taking control of her life, she says she doesn't want to be alone, she creates a friend to deal with it, also to not take responsibility for her own acting out. She also is controlled by her mother and her husband and finally takes control of her shit and moves on from both and takes responsibility for her actions by saying bye to Fred. The little girl at the end was the most puzzling thing, well that and the idea of a "romantic dinner salad".
  6. Deep Whet

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    Thought the squelching sounds of Simon MacCorkindale / Philip FitzRoyce getting munched on were kinda gross, so did this... (Dancing pig scene included.) https://youtu.be/44jKzagc_ms
  7. Deep Whet

    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    Yes totally agree! One of my fav eps for that reason, such a relaxed bud chat about frenching mums, pizza orders for "Tall" and bum bags!
  8. Tuned to your love frequency
  9. Deep Whet

    Creator (1985)

    Not sure how to suggest this without many spoilers, soooo... The science professor (Peter O'Toole) is trying to grow his dead wife, but they don't really say how that will work, or that he is ok with having his wife just as a baby. He gets a horny teenage girl(Mariel Hemingway) to donate her eggs, she agrees because she thinks he will marry her. SO you get this weird happy getting to know you scene then cut to him as her gyno, checking her out. The student(Vincent Spano) has a robot butler who can juice oranges and electrocutes him if he sleeps in, but he never mentions it and it isn't addressed for most the movie, it's just there. The young romance is pretty creepy, girl(Virginia Madsen) moves out because her flatmate was trying to bone her, so our protagonist uses this same ploy with her. He also tricks her into letting him rub her with sun-cream and he goes straight for her butt and looks like he's pretty much fingering her. In one day they go fro beach frolic, to sun-cream rubs, to kissing, oh actually before they kiss, they have a shower and he soaps up her bewbs. Then they bone and he asks her to marry her and thanks her very much when she says yes. That love scene is intercut with the prof's wife just hanging out, I think just in his imagination and not as a ghost. The girl gets pregnant, guy gets shitty, she goes to hospital, falls into a coma and the doctors immediately want to cut off her life support "She's pretty much dead already"). I haven't finished the movie yet, had to come here first. update- watched the rest, it was pretty boring, probably not bonkers enough for HDTGM.