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  1. I guess everyone has their own interpretation of the "Teams" here. I'm not team fred because I liked the movie. oh no. I thought it was an ineffective mess. I'm team fred because Paul and Casey's explanations of the motivations of the characters didn't sit right with me.. I found myself agreeing WAY more with what jason and june were saying about everyone overall. I find Fred to be a chaotic good in the end, (regardless of real/imagined ID status) while still at the same time finding his character annoying and overdone. Just an aside- team fred seems willing to accept all the claims of insanity coming our way. team sanity not so willing to accept the burden of the horrible mom that paul and casey offered pretty consistent defenses of...
  2. I have to say- “Team Sanity” you guys are taking sides with a mom... who drags her adult child to a pediatrician, THE DOCTOR DOESNT EVEN SEE HER. The mom goes in and meets with him ALONE (she gets to spin whatever BS narrative she wants) and comes out with PILLS that the ADULT daughter doesn’t even know what THEy are WTF drugs are they? If not illegal that’s at the very least totally unethical right? She’s totally disconnected from her mental health recovery and her mother’s insecurities are fostering it.