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  1. Lizzie Borden took a jinx And gave her mother 40 winks. And when she put on her cap, She and her father both took a nap.
  2. There once was a cloistered nun who knew she had nowhere to run. One fateful sabbat she took off her habit and took her own life with a gun. Lol.
  3. Bless my soul to a deep, dark hole in which I'm forever wanted. I'll unfasten my locks and come out of my box for there are people to be haunted.
  4. Ever since you fell asleep in your coffin, I can't help but notice that we talk less often.
  5. Not to sound crass, but I just blew genes in my blue jeans.
  6. I'm sorry you caught me kissing Ronald McDonald. I love you, Kulap, please don't leave me. I know this is the point in the show where I normally read a new catch phrase suggestion, but you mean the world to me, Ronald. I mean Kulap.
  7. I'd like to thank any and all lunch ladies and lunch gentlemen for listening today.
  8. The 3 men I admire most; the father, son, and pumpernickel toast.
  9. Look at me, mommy, I'm a little handsome boy!