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  1. Listeners will receive a particapation ribbon .
  2. Hollywood Handbook has a singing podcast now just like Off Book. Because Off Book had Earwolf to make Brett get back to work. Then they started sing like Hollywood Stars.
  3. By Live & Let Tye Die Hardy Har Har.
  4. Good episode to listen to.
  5. Written by, ...nevermind.
  6. Mystery Inc. Totally playing it cool. Those keen kids are the grooviest !
  7. A comedy punch left my jaw hurting.
  8. It's about time that we've heard from The Scuzman again.
  9. Granken

    Episode 341 - Shea Serrano, Our Quiz Friend

    The forum misses you too
  10. Granken

    Alan Yang, Our Close Friend

    Here for posterity.
  11. Granken

    cheeky pillows

    Two pillows or naught?
  12. I have been curious about this about as well. I ask people I know they do not. With people I'm not as familiar though sociable and conversation leads to any opening I'll ask. I haven't found anyone yet. The closest was someone stated they would fall asleep to the J.Rogan YouTube from time to time. At any rate, anticipating that pleasantly surprised reaction.
  13. Zoo animals