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  1. The bad news? The plane’s going down. The good news? Everyone gets an exit row!!!
  2. I like my eggs like I like my porn. Scrambled.
  3. My therapist told me I’m OCD, which I assume stands for “One Cool Dude”
  4. The cat’s out of the bag, so let’s talk about the elephant in the room. A little birdie told me who let the dogs out... It was you, jackass.
  5. Put that thing away.
  6. Hey Mom, I didn’t know you liked Star Wars! I found your vibrating light saber in your sock drawer!
  7. It takes a village to raise an idiot
  8. If it’s a leanness contest, i win.
  9. To the tune of “Breakeven” by The Script ”What am I supposed to do when I need to toot but it comes out poo? What am I supposed to say when you’re all choked up from my curds and whey? I’m falling to pieces ‘cause I’m farting out feces”
  10. Let’s get this party started, ‘cause I think I sharty-sharted.
  11. O’DoyleRules!

    Anagrams! Scott Aukerman: Taco Maker Nuts

    Attack Sour Men or Attacks Our Men as in Scott Aukerman Attacks Our Men!!!
  12. Scott Aukerman anagrams to Taco Maker Nuts. Any other good anagrams?
  13. Well that’s the LAST time I’ll ever hire a Mohel with Parkinson’s!
  14. O’DoyleRules!

    Anagrams! Scott Aukerman: Taco Maker Nuts

    To Tucan Makers:
  15. O’DoyleRules!

    Anagrams! Scott Aukerman: Taco Maker Nuts

    A Custom Tanker