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  1. There’s more than one way to skin a cat but there’s no wrong way to suck on a chili dog.
  2. I kiss my lass for each day passed. I slip her a 20 to tickle my ass.
  3. Hark the Geralds said to Steve. Do not touch my cream corn nor beans.
  4. It truly was a field of dreams until my family ran off with the coach of my team.
  5. Somber by the wind blows on, passing ‘twixt the tombs. Ya Mon.
  6. This little boy peeps at Lil’ Bo Peep, but was I surprised to realize a boner she’d grown in her sleep.
  7. I had to eat crow at the Robert Segel ‘Free the Eagle’ fundraiser after I showed my pair of fat tits.
  8. I like my gravy how I like my Eddie Murphy movies. Clumpy.
  9. Tip of the cap is the streets, clap of the ass in the sheets.
  10. You didn’t hear this from me, because I only speak in a soft whisper.
  11. Now marks the time for grads and dads and the failed coup of Sebastian the crab.
  12. I took self defense at 14 to face my catholic school bully, the martyr Sister Mary-Catherine Gargonzolli.
  13. “Night gown found in Peugeot Sound.” The news came round that Grandma has drowned.
  14. A bowl of boiled meat, now that’s a real treat. But please don’t make me beg for my prunes and boiled eggs.
  15. Some kids are mama boys, but I was raised by my grandfather clock after my entire family was killed by old age.
  16. Clinched fist, beneath the board. There’s more than one way to whack a mole.
  17. Then I saw two sets of footprints become one and that’s where I found the body.
  18. “Pryer inspired priest retires after roast of entire choir”, Cried the Inquirer Choir Cryer.