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    Episode 199 - Emotionally Horny

    This episode was much better in regards to Joe Biden. Remember, we aren't stuck with him yet! If we are persistently loud about not supporting a sexual abuser, hopefully he'll drop out, or will be removed, then we can get a more qualified nominee! Or at the least he'll apologize.
  2. Jonathan, love you & your energy!! In regards to Biden, sadly you're quite mistaken. He is not our nominee, nor should he be. The nominee isn't official until August. For the sake of survivors, the Me Too movement, and women, we cannot have another sexual abuser as our president. Right now we still have options so that we don't need to choose the lesser of 2 evils. Not all of the states have voted. More evidence is coming out that proves Biden's allegations are legit. We need to persist and be loud about this! Biden has not been honest. He needs to either publicly admit and apologize of his wrongdoing, or drop out, or be removed by the DNC. Then the state delegates will vote and elect a more qualified candidate as our nominee, one that isn't an abuser and is hopefully a woman. There is still time and it can be done!
  3. Daniel

    Episode 196 - Bread Porn

    In regards to the Biden allegations, the main question we should be asking is why did we even allow him to get this far in the race? And then as a society, why don't we instinctively believe women? We can all search Joe Biden and will get creepy videos of "Uncle Joe" who can't keep his hands to himself and constantly does unwanted touching. If he does that on camera, what is he doing off camera? We shouldn't have accepted that. It should've been a huge red flag and wake-up call (it was for some, but no one listened...). As strong supporters of the Me Too movement, we should immediately rebuke any candidate with an inkling of misconduct and allegations. Right now we still have options. It's not just Biden or trump. Biden isn't officially the nominee. And he shouldn't be! The nominee isn't officially decided until August. Our solution here is to speak loudly on all platforms against Biden and to the DNC saying we will not allow an abuser to be our nominee. If we are loud & strong enough, and continue to persist, the result will hopefully either force Biden to publicly admit of his wrongdoing and apologize, OR, it will have the DNC completely remove Biden as an option and the nominee will be determined by the state delegates (a much more favorable outcome). It can be done and should be done. We just need to do it! And you, along with others like you, need to use your massive platform to push it. I know you are trying to be entertaining and humorous, but you come off quite ignorant and insensitive. We simply cannot allow another victimizer to be our president, no matter how good their agenda may be in comparison to trump's (for pete's sake, a piece of toast has a better agenda than trump!). If we don't speak up and replace a sexual predator with another, that will crush the Me Too movement, devastate survivors, and continue to deprive women. Let's not allow that to happen!