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  1. Work Hard; Play Hard: Try New Viagra Extended Release
  2. When it rains, it rains, penis from heaven
  3. If you're looking for comedy, you're in the right place! You're at the Comedy Directory. Dial 1 for Alt Comedy...
  4. ICantBelieveItsNotBetter

    I bought a pedometer but it just keeps flashing the word "probably"

    Game respect game. I hope this makes it on the show.
  5. Garçon! I'll have the funnel cake and a pint of whole milk, to start
  6. My Oysters're Sweatin', Et cetera, Yeehaw Or MOSEY, for short
  7. I hope you like bad bagels because I'm a bad everything bagel
  8. Mt. Doom is short for Mount Me And Doo Me In The Butt
  9. Which came first: the chicken, or me, choking that chicken
  10. Let us bow our heads and comede
  11. I get so much respect, I tell ya. I get so much respect that when the Queen knighted me she asked me to put my sword on HER shoulder -a shitty standup bit I did on stage once but I will relinquish all copyrights to-
  12. Business in the front, party in the front, these banks are running weird promos these days
  13. Every sock I wear is a sock puppet that gets off on being treated like this
  14. You, Me, A Couple Sloe Buck's Fizzes, Little Land of Make Believe?
  15. Maya Angelou had a quote: "I've learned that people will forget what you said," and I can't remember the rest but I remember it made me feel horny