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    Super Fuzz AKA Super Snooper (1980)

    Anyone remember a movie called 'Superfuzz'? When HBO first started they only had like, 5 movies that they played non-stop and this was one of them. Except this movie was utter non-sense. And it took YEARS to get that reprehensible theme song out of my head.... Idk, it might be a little too old and obscure but 1.) It appears to be sent entirely in Florida(oh yeah!) 2.) It's got Ernest Borgnine who appears to be operating with out a script... 3.) The entire movie in decent-ish quality can be found on YT:
  2. PlugThisTurkey

    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)

    A serious bump for this movie 1.) Orion Pictures. rofl 2.) $14M budget@1985. Successfull source material, screenwriter & director. Why did it fail? 3.) The relationship, no....the romance between Remo and Chun transcends any other Stubborn Student/Brutal Teacher dynamic I've ever seen. One second, Chun is murdering Remo and the next, they're cuddled up in the corner eating cold rice and watching soap operas together. wtf? I need this broken down by the gang.
  3. PlugThisTurkey

    Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

    Paul's intro for this would be: "Roadhouse meets Fast and the Furious, narrated by Mini-Me Orson Wells!" It'll probably never happen because this movie wasn't really a 'failure' although I'm amazed Rogert Ebert gave this ball of cheez-wiz 3.5 stars(wtf?!?). Regardless, anyone not familiar with this film should watch the clip below which can be best describe as "A re-enactment of Chuck Norris's birth" and you should be sold on watching this amazing film:
  4. PlugThisTurkey

    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    I'm doing the same thing, and a little further along than you, but TPBS had HAUNTED this podcast since the beginning. I've noted multiple direct or indirect references to TPBS from different guests over the years like, "...yeah, it's like this weird movie I saw as a kid I can't quite remember.. The Peanut Butter....Curse or something...nvrm.". It's like some of those magic pubes got into the HDTGM studio back in 2011 and have been slowly growing and creeping over the years into their mics, coffee mugs, chairs, etc. until the movie finally has it's day.