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  1. Attila the Hyundai

    Politician, fuck thyself.

    Politician, fuck thyself.
  2. Wee Willy Winkie runs through the town, upstairs, downstairs, in an assless hospital gown.
  3. Sleep no more! This screaming baby does murder sleep.
  4. Here I sit so broken-hearted: tried to fart and I shit my pants.
  5. I got pubic lice at Joe’s Crab Shack.
  6. You can’t spell “entercourse” without “enter.”
  7. Scotty told PFT ‘bout a thing he heard: two big bangs through the spoken word. CBB-bee, CBB-bee.
  8. Sipping vinegar or piss and vinegar—either way, this wine has gone bad.
  9. The night is young, the boys are hung, so let’s all have some fung.
  10. Scrimshaw scrimshaw scrimshaw scrimshaw scrimshaw scrimshaw scrimshaw
  11. Shake your ass, but watch yourself, counselor.
  12. They call them jalapeños because that spice gets jalapeño mouth.
  13. Get jalapeño mouth with new Jalapeño Poppers!
  14. I’m drinking from the BACK of the toilet! Sheesh!
  15. My Dixie wrecked, and it damn near killed ‘im.