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  1. I have googled every possible thing I could to try to figure this out. This happened either on comedy bang bang podcast or improv4humans. There was a musical guest on one of those podcasts where they performed a song that him and his wife/girl friend wrote about their perspective of breaking up with each other. I keep hearing snippets of it in my head but I can’t remember who performed it or where to find it. Please help.

  2. Nothings sadder than when you order Chinese take out for one and then you get home open up the bag and realize they gave you 3 sets of plastic ware 3 fortune cookies and enough napkins to supply a build a bear workshop with stuffing for maybe a full calendar year

  3. If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day

    if you turn a man into a fish

    what the fuck was that?!

    back up dude!

    no get back! You JUST turned Jeremy into a fish! What do you mean don’t be afraid?!

    I don’t know man .. I just don’t know you anymore 

    come on Jeremy let’s get outta here