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  1. Teenage Grave Robber

    New Catchphrase Suggestions are moving to Twitter

    This is been fun. I guess I’ll see some of you all on the tweet website.
  2. I don’t like puppet shows anymore. They’re so lame.
  3. Your soup belongs to comedy now. Hand it over.
  4. Ham radios aren’t what you think they are. They are not radios made out of ham. Repeat. Not made out of ham.
  5. Teenage Grave Robber

    Pee now or forever hold your pee.

    Pee now or forever hold your pee.
  6. Teenage Grave Robber

    Wobble wobble, big star

    Wobble wobble, big star
  7. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to talk about what you did.
  8. Teenage Grave Robber

    Peanuts ain’t shit

    Peanuts ain’t shit
  9. If you’re hearing this, then I’m already done recording it.
  10. Hey Bootsy - Stella called. She wants her groove back.
  11. Teenage Grave Robber

    A snail is a whale out on bail

    A snail is a whale out on bail
  12. Teenage Grave Robber

    Oops. I farted again.

    Oops. I farted again.
  13. Teenage Grave Robber

    Oops. I farted again.

    Got lost in the bathroom.
  14. Whatever you do, please don’t attack me while I’m pooping
  15. Broccoli is fine but it needs to be small
  17. Which if you witches removed all my stitches?
  18. How does that movie ‘Cliffhanger’ end?
  19. Don’t you wish your chicken was raw like me?
  20. Do you remember when Ja Rule learned to make mayonnaise on MTV Diary? Do you remember how excited he was? Do you remember?!
  21. Teenage Grave Robber

    Do I do that?

    Do I do that?
  22. At my house, we throw out pizza extra good so that I don’t pick it out of the garbage later.
  23. Nobody messes with the bitch holding a trident
  24. How Wilde could a guy named Oscar be anyways?
  25. Teenage Grave Robber

    Make politics sexy again

    Make politics sexy again