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  1. We Have A Terrible, Ugly Penis Hovering Over The Department Of G-Spots
  2. Pinnochio Grigio

    "What's Down, Cold Cat?"

    The anti-catchphrase...
  3. Not that you care, but I'm starting a stradivarius harem. Come by if you want to get your f-hole plucked.
  4. Decided to add some dramatic piano to this year's closing the plug bag theme... as well as my favorite part of last year's theme
  5. Pinnochio Grigio

    Closing Plugbag "Brassmouth" remix - by Brendan Hogan's Pastamania!

    Really creative take, I love it!!!
  6. Pinnochio Grigio

    Close The Plug Bag Remix

    Big fan of this one!
  7. A day may come when the immaturity of catchphrases fade... when we forsake our bathroom humor and break away from low-hanging fruit... BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY! For now, here's a moose knuckle sandwich.
  8. Pinnochio Grigio

    Plug Bag 2021 Remix

    Really good one!!
  9. 1, 2, cuckhold my boo, 3, 4, gawk at my corpse, 5, 6, kick at my dick, 7, 8, gyrate!