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    Episode 131 — Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

    That 6th picture of Jason with the mountains in the background is the most glamorous image of podcasting as I've ever seen. Since The Moment, I've liquidated all my funds, bestowed the appropriate farewells upon my family, friends, and more-tolerated dealers, and, after much reflection, canceled my subscription to Canadian Woodworking.
  2. The Thunder Down Under

    Episode 43 — Songs In The Key of SoBe

    Hey Hows, Hey Kools, Great ep! It really went down smooth! All I gotta say about wardrobe choices is, Howster, gray neutralizes your positive energy-ness. And KooKoo, maroon really makes your smile pop. Point Kulap. ALSO, Tim seems like one of those guys who thought they could skate by on missing piano lessons every other week. IN ADDITION!!! Episode Rewind!!! In regards to episode 31: Hey Howow, are you and Kate Micucci an item now or what? I listen to that ep 3 times a week, and the suspense is KILLING ME!!! Drop a hint please (and no hint is the BIGGEST HINT). A basket full of love and a kangaroo-pouch filled with respect, Phil
  3. The Thunder Down Under

    For Howie and Kulap

    Dear Kulap and Howie, As an American citizen who was born in Washington D.C., I feel compelled to come to Kulap's defense and argue in favor of the yet unspoken HONOR that pervades a birthing in the capitol of this FINE nation which we Americans call home. I won't deny YOU (Austin Story-iters’) a voice, but please do NOT deny KULAP and MYSELF a heritage and birthplace in the capitol city of the greatest country in the history of all eternity which we’ve consequently decided to call home (for the most part). I might reside in Sydney, AUS [several hours from Howie’s Ex (may she live in a boring, God-ridden hell-hole of a desolate area of eff-ed shopping and, more importantly, 18th-century fucked-up’d restrictions on alcohol], but I can say, with much faith and authority, that to be born in the NATION’S CAPITOL, where the Washington Monument stands ERECT, after an EARTHQUAKE that shook the VERY FOUNDATIONS of this democracy, and where Lincoln continues to sit resolute, his face grave with a vision of a future of this Charting nation, I can honestly say, with a full heart that our fair KULAP, who was born unto this nation by parents who were, and forever shall be, citizens by creed and/or dedication to the flag and all that it stand for, that from hence forth, the podcast that is known by “Who Charted?” shall stand as a bastion of humorous integrity in all its forms, more specially of the alternative variety, but NOT to exclude those that MAY FALL OUTSIDE the GUIDELINES of the EXAULTED hosts of said program. P.S. I moved to Australia four months ago and got turned onto this podcast not too long after I arrived. Needless to say, I became a huge fan and, having caught up with all the previous episodes, wait restlesslessly for the coming week’s episode to arrive (which is even harder for me because the podcast drops on Wednesday in the states, which is really Thursday in Australia; woe is me.) Nevertheless, I could not imagine a week without Kulap and Wie-Wie, and honestly, my life would be the lesser without you two. Thank you for being so genuinely funny no matter whom the guest may be (not that there’s been a guest that let the podcast down). You’ve become my two favorite people in the podcast world, and in a weird way, the two voices that I most look forward to hearing from on a weekly basis. I’m pretty sure that speaks worlds more about me than you, but at the same time, you two shouldn’t feel bad about it. Much love, Phil Ochs
  4. The Thunder Down Under

    Who do YOU want to be a guest on WHO CHARTED??

    1. Patton Oswalt 2. Kyle Kinane 3. H Jon Benjamin 4. Aziz Ansari