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  1. If George Carlin heard this show, he'd be shitting in his grave.
  2. Short through the heart and you're to blame: I won't date under 5 foot 8.
  3. When life gives you entrepreneurs, throw lemons, shade.
  4. Give me your weirdos, your freaks, your poor huddled asses.
  5. If it's not blue, you know what to do - cover it in mangoo.
  6. The first laugh is always free.
  7. Dance like there was no such thing as the transatlantic slave trade, eat like cannibalism doesn't exist, and squirt till it hurts.
  8. The chicken wars are over, but the deep-fried teenager's fingernail wars are just beginning.
  9. My right nipple is for my cat. My left nipple is for my priest. And right in the middle... That's where I keep my yeast.
  10. Under every leaf there is a queef. Inside every squirrel there is a pearl.
  11. Canine anal insertions in a rich thick fog. Talk to a vet to see what's up dog.
  12. Poke it full of holes and hook it with rings - that is how my man flute sings.
  13. Never spunk a chunk on a nasty skunk.
  14. If you want to fight, pass me on the right. If you want to fiddle, touch me in the middle.
  15. No matter where I hid my pickles, Elmo always says it tickles.