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  1. tbx59

    Episode 445 - Sully Goose

    Paul F. Torgo
  2. tbx59

    Episode 6 — Analyze Fish Pt. 2

    I watched jaws about a year ago (and then again recently when I realized this podcast existed) and I couldn't get Suits Magoo wearing the anchor suit out of my head, glad the dream has been realized.
  3. tbx59

    What guest do you want to see?

    Chip Gardner, honary mayor-elect of Hollywood
  4. tbx59

    Chip Gardner

    Just 3 bros broing out Chip, shut it
  5. tbx59

    Episode 198 — Aren't You Glad

    She was as annoying and unfunny while being sickenly cutesy trying to deliver a few shocking non sequiturs as the real silverman = great impression
  6. tbx59

    Episode 193 — What Else? What Else?

    Listening through CBB/DR again, and this is easily the worst episode: the NJ charachter is really dumb as was the post-interspective teenager. Terrible, terrible episode
  7. Thank you so much for your catchphrase suggestion. If you have a catchphrase suggestion head on over to the Earwolf forums
  8. tbx59

    Episode 186 — New York Mainstays

    Please call me Pony Boy
  9. Do yourself a favor and listen back from the Death Ray appearance on. And then do that every couple months. And then, turn around.
  10. tbx59

    Episode 236 — Murderer Heaven

  11. She had a pair of Kulaps? I just noticed she had really litttle feet.
  12. I'm suprised Wompler is having a pool pary when she's so small up top, but now I see that Gutterballs must have either knocked her up when they were scissoring or she really is naturally pear shaped. Womp it up!
  13. tbx59

    Episode 112 — Hollywood's Next Jew

    not like they are any good at music either
  14. tbx59

    Episode 112 — Hollywood's Next Jew

    What a pathetic movie list, save Fraken Stein, but no way that should be someone's number 1