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  1. finnurtg

    Episode 429 - Almost Mandatory

    I'm an Icelandic sex party connoisseur. Four people have reported in from Iceland. That's enough for a live show in Reykjavík, right?
  2. finnurtg

    Plugs 3: Titular Submitter

    One of the best I've heard. Brilliant and terrifying.
  3. finnurtg

    Episode 20 — Owen & TJ Read the News

    This is fantastic. Love it.
  4. finnurtg

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    Bring out the girls....
  5. You should check out The Room - The Game: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/547307
  6. finnurtg

    Episode 125 — Wine in the Whirlpool

    My two favourite guests (along with maybe 15-25 others). Yay! Bobby Bottleservice for president! As in addition to, very much so.