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    Character Drawings

    This artwork is riktigt jรคvla bra! Need T-shirt with Nerd Poker on bottom immediately.
  2. Goonarf

    Episode 56 โ€” After Party Brawl

    Quick note on something Mr Sark said about how it is surprising how often people have gotten screwed by the botch table. Sark says that the odds are very low to end up on the very bad end of the botch table but if he is using two ten sided die to do percentile than the likelihood of getting 90% or higher is actually 10% of the time. You know, getting a 9 on the die that represents the tens place is 1/10. It's actually harder to botch (1 out of 20 for 5%) than it is to be on the epic end of said botch. So it is more likely for your botch to be bad than it is to botch in the first place. I think there is more complicated math in here with adding in the chances of rolling two zeros (quick search of internets finds nothing on percentile dice odds) but you get the idea.
  3. Goonarf

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    That's awesome that you could DM. As my experience is with Second Edition I would lean towards that. It is also not so map intensive which I think would suit the online experience better. Used Players Handbooks (of which you only need one unlike Fourth Edition) are available from Amazon used around $10. DM's Guide between $5 and $10.
  4. Goonarf

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    I would be interested too. Played quite a bit in high school and then first year of college. I come from the Second Edition era that the guys on the show come from. Not much of a DM though. Looks like Roll20 seems to be the most commonly mentioned online resource so I am going to start looking into learning that.
  5. Goonarf

    Not on iTunes

    Is ep 2 going to go up on iTunes? I prefer to download and listen later than streaming.
  6. Wakey, wakey, hands off snakey.