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  1. Ex-Engineer DOUG here, of Droppin' Wallets fame, with my Jukebox Jury submission. I figured I'd go the traditional route to try to get some play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QQC6szRams
  2. engineerdoug

    Episode 123 β€” No Scoop for You

    It's called editing guys. Well done editing.
  3. engineerdoug

    Episode 123 β€” No Scoop for You

    Bravo on the freestyle session. Rappers today call written raps freestyles. I'm glad alt-comedians are still doing the genre justice.
  4. engineerdoug

    Guests you want to see on Sklarbro Country

    You can forget about Bill Simmons. There's a documented feud between him and the guys. It was totally unprovoked, but for some reason Bill doesn't like the bros from their days over at ESPN. I would love to see Chad Ochocinco or Metta World Peace.
  5. engineerdoug

    Earwolf without ED

    I had fun recording and help producing all of these shows. It was a good gig. Thanks for the parting luv.
  6. engineerdoug

    Episode 50 β€” The Beauty Episode

    Zach, works suffers when you don't have time. Sorry bout the bad edits. As always, I do my best. ALthough, download it a couple more time, we could sure use the numbers!
  7. Inspired by a trip to the local book store, Bob would like to share with you all some profundity he encountered where he least expected it: In literature!
  8. It's summahtime and the livin' is easy! That's because we've got Oscar nominee Aimee Mann in studio and not even terrible L.A. traffic can stop this show from happening! Aimee dishes on music based reality T.V. and pervy bus drivers with the Billboard Digital Album chart, and with the movie chart we explore the songwriting possibilities of Four Loko plus penguins. In honor of our penguin friends at the box office, Hermes the Chart Goose drops by to get Aimee talking about her visit with the Obama family and her love of boxing. Hear Howard's summah gum choice and get an explanation of Green Lantern from Kulap this week on Who Charted?!
  9. Bob brings out his inner Freud this week to talk about our inner child and his or her inner ill-equipped relative stuck taking care of him or her.
  10. What is better than one Crank film? TWO CRANK FILMS! Our movie for the week is Crank 2: High Voltage which is so adrenaline-fueled and insane that we have to ask: How could they possibly continue this franchise? Send us your ideas for Crank 3 here and on Facebook and we'll read our favorites on air!
  11. engineerdoug

    Episode 80 β€” June 20, 2011

    Eardrop is a daily uncensored morsel of comedy for our Earwolves to enjoy for five minutes or so a day.
  12. This is a show for lovers of Hollywood, pizza, marijuana, and plane breaks. Our guest this week is Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island and Saturday Night Live who gives us the inside scoop on creating a record and working with talents like Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. There is an unfortunate appearance by Scott's weed guy Bro, but we make up for it with a great game of Would You Rather and the first Comedy Bang Bang semi-prank call. And yes, there are plane breaks.
  13. Would you like to be as empowered and self-aware as Bob Ducca? Here is just a brief list of some of the self-help books that have brought happiness into the life of our favorite ex-step father.
  14. engineerdoug

    Episode 4 β€” Opposite Day

    Are you ready to NOT listen to another episode of The Apple Sisters? Just kidding; It's opposite day! On this week's episode you WON'T hear the girls talk about their journey from New York to Los Angeles, and they DO NOT answer any questions from the Mail Room. If you wanted to hear a word from our sponsors you are out of luck! Please don't subscribe on iTunes, comment on the Earwolf forums, or tell your friends. OPPOSITE DAY!
  15. engineerdoug

    Episode 79 β€” June 17, 2011

    Eardrop is the 100-calorie pack of Earwolf. It’s just as deliciously hilarious as our other shows, but in a convenient travel size!