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    Episode 516 - Solo Bolo Cincolo

    “Hamburgers that talk” I couldn’t find any video or audio of that. But this line is referenced on the earwolf forums by a user in 2013. In a thread for ep 66 of Fogelnest Files. http://forum.earwolf.com/topic/14495-episode-66-%e2%80%94-the-legend-of-mac-tonight/
  2. "But that would get you fired!!1!1!1" -Kevin Smith
  3. Kevin Smith just sounds like a lazy piece of shit. When I worked in retail we were always obligated to adhere to the posted price. Even if we were the ones that made a mistake and forgot to update a price we had to adhere to the posted price. I've also never encountered a cash register that didn't allow for price overrides. It is literally illegal to advertise false prices. To argue with the customer instead of acknowledging the mistake and fixing it is ridiculous. Kevin Smith you are a straight up mope.
  4. Lady runs into her crazy neighbor at a corner store https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFY4m_-3Om8
  5. justin

    Episode 434 - Doubt About That

    Our theme got played!
  6. justin

    Plang Plang Bugs

    Flip Flap Flubs
  7. https://soundcloud.c...audio-chemistry
  8. justin

    Plang Plang Bugs

    Big Big Mugs
  9. justin

    Plang Plang Bugs

    Bump bump plugs
  10. justin

    Website Makeover!

    The only things I'd like to be updated are the homepage design and the way show pictures are viewed.
  11. justin

    Hear My Plugs

    That's a great song
  12. A young lad once said "this paintbrush paints red" and the colorblindness was confirmed
  13. It's Monday morning so put on your pants and dance.
  14. When it comes to host control protocols I prefer mine to be dynamic
  15. justin

    Music video with Earwolf easter eggs

    So I'm a bit late to this. /r/earwolf probably found everything but I'd like to give it a shot... 0:10 Texter 0:13 UTU2TM, CBB logo 2:52 PFT, CBB, Nunder Cover 3:27 Rod Ogg I'm sure I missed a few, some of the stuff was hard to read in the distance. Good vid! C+
  16. yeah the only episode that isn't available is episode 7 w/ no commentary. ep 5: http://ucbcomedy.com/media/1437
  17. Damn ass rock https://youtu.be/enSeA_RK86w
  18. Paul Rudd is my favorite! I love his film "This Is The 40 Year Old Virgin."
  19. justin


    Oh cool. I was going by the "Latest" page (http://howl.fm/latest) which I guess albums don't show up on.
  20. justin


    There hasn't been any new content on Howl for 11 days now (excluding WTF with Marc Marone!). Is this going to be the norm?
  21. justin


    It'd be nice if there was a netflix queue type list for the service. It's cool to be able to favorite a podcast and all but I don't want to favorite every CBB live show as I've heard most. I'd like to just be able to add all the single episodes/albums/whatevers to one "listen later" list.
  22. justin


    Hopefully the site and app aren't completely finished being developed yet. There's a lot of necessary features missing in my opinion.
  23. justin

    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    "Download the Howl app or go to Howl.FM and use the promo code CBB for a one month free trial of Howl Premium!" Where can I enter this code for the free month as opposed to the free week?