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  1. There's a Wodcast in my Podcast!
  2. its a "spit it and quit it" short plug theme. Im copying, oh i mean, "parodying", H Michael Kre.
  3. I looked to the skies for an answer; I saw a lobster riding a horse.
  4. Steve

    Episode 159 — Mouth Contacts

    My wife holds her contacts in her mouth too- sometimes for hours if they are bugging her eyes and we're far from home. I trust her judgement, so Howard should be fine.
  5. In a time where parents are friends with their children, it's refreshing the suicide rate is so low.
  6. "I got no shame in my game... Hot dog, yep, that's me... You can almost get that here and now." -that's an actual quote by Judge McCree, when questioned about sending nude photos of himself. I thought it would be a great CBB catchphrase. -Steve Barnes, Richmond VA
  7. Steve

    Episode 64.5 — 2/24/12 TWO CHARTED

    Bring on the vintage DBS!!!
  8. Steve

    Episode 40 — All About Lee

    If I could only listen to 1 podcast, it would be Who Charted?! If I could only listen to one episode, it would be All About Lee.
  9. Steve

    Episode 40 — All About Lee

    If I could only listen to 1 podcast, it would be Who Charted?! If I could only listen to one episode, it would be All About Lee.
  10. Steve

    Episode 34 — It Was For Snoop

    "A newborn calf having a shameful orgasm."!!! Drew, you crack me up everytime. Love the show!
  11. Steve

    Episode 15 — The Back-Up Plan

    Another plea! Please discuss movies that are On Demand, or preferably on Netflix streaming, or a movie that is easily accessible, and either super-cheap or free. These are terrible movies you're discussing- after all, how did this get made??? And as for me, in my humble opinion, it is hard to listen to an episode of a movie that I haven't seen, or a movie that I do not want to spend money to see. It's easier to join in on the fun in a full way by watching the awful movie (without having to fork out dough), and then listening to the podcast. Let me end by saying, you guys are hilarious, and I do love the show.
  12. Steve

    Episode 26 — Well That Was Weird

    Hang in there, Jeff! I'm an older fan- 38- and I listen during my boring day job as well, which I don't mind as much because I'm mostly driving, and now listening to a slew of excellent podcasts (including, of course, every Earwolf podcast) which I couldn't possibly live without. I hold Earwolf and all of its shows in the same regard as I hold The State, The Young Ones, Monty Python, Freaks and Geeks- all shows which seemed to be aimed right at me and my sensibilities and particular taste. It's part of my wiring now, part of the lexicon of my brain. Lifelong fan here. Keep putting them out, however possible. I'm sure you've considered setting up shop in a room in your house, or a friends house, WTF style? Or having a mobile engineer that can travel with gear from place to place? I've seen portable sound proofing materials, the kind that fold out like a room partition.
  13. Steve

    Episode 25 — Who Is The Nerdist?

    Very excited to hear about the new Nerdist Industries shows. And Matt Bessers and Brett Gelmans upcoming podcasts. But goddammit, there is not enough hours in the week to listen to all the shows I want to hear! What a great time to be a podcast nerd. I will never have friends again, with these earbuds permanately planted in my ears.
  14. Steve

    Episode 12.5 — Minisode 13

    Jason Statham returns in Crank 3: The Booby Shitter! Chev, during a botched surgery gone horribly wrong, has his asshole permanently sewn shut, forcing him to only be able to defecate by shitting out of his mouth onto a hot young woman's naked breasts. Yes, he can only defecate onto a hot young woman's naked breasts- never into a toilet. Two hours after every meal, Chev is forced to go on a high speed chase, or brawl, or whatever, in search of a hot, young woman onto whom he must shit. Honey, it's three p.m., make that phone call now! Because we're going to need to call... THE BOOBY SHITTER!!!
  15. Sean, I thought the same thing- I'm a Scout leader, and totally plan to paraphrase Mr. Ducca on this one. I know the guys would love the imagery of a tick bursting with blood. My Scouts have really enjoyed our games of What Am I Thinking, Fortunately Unfortunately, and The Leonard Maltin game- all great campfire hits! Don't worry, I give credit where credit is due.