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  1. pig nash

    Episode 96.5 — Sklarbro County 1

    Awesome bite sized episode guys! Great for a drive to work when I can't get a whole Country in.
  2. pig nash

    Podcasts about podcasting

    AV Club has a weekly feature Podmass that does a round up of the week in podcasts. I quite like it.
  3. pig nash

    Episode 17 — Positive Energy YES!

    Just listened to this one, I'm working my way to the present day. I think I liked this one even more than the first Brody episode. Your energy together is so POSITIVE! YES!
  4. Love the sponsor episodes. We should have one of these a week.
  5. pig nash


    Comparisons! In theaters! Xmen First Class > Thor Bridesmaids > The Hangover Part II Source Code = Hanna (not really that similar but I watched them back to back and seem to have combined them in my head) I also really liked The Conversation (from the seventies!)
  6. pig nash


    Hey, I'm Matt, or Pig Nash, or Nash. I'm from northern Indiana and no good comedy comes near me so I get to pretend I am part of the scene through these podcasts. I'm also a big video gamer and lover of films. My time is stretched pretty thin with my two jobs now. I just don't sleep enough anymore, and I'm ok with it!
  7. (and Sklarbro) just rearranged a bunch of the episodes without numbers and I can't tell which ones I have/haven't listened to anymore. Is this going to go back to normal. Who Charted? looks to be the same as it was, why did the CBB feed mess up?
  8. pig nash

    Are we going to get more?

    I can't wait for more hilarious analogies if/when we get them.
  9. The project that earned Lindsay Lohan 2 razzies for worst actress!
  10. I still like this podcast, but it hasn't been as active for a few weeks. Steve Agee and Tom Lennon seem to have quit, and they did a lot of the funny stuff. Do they not get enough feedback that we like it? What can we do to encourage everybody to submit more?