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  1. As a real life news photog named Chuck, I've spent a lot of time looking at studio cameras today.
  2. If the dog has worms can I use them as bait?
  3. tick0

    Episode 282 — Wompster's University

    The kind of deep cut fucked up part about the great adventure haunted house birthday is this http://www.nytimes.com/1985/06/14/nyregion/patrons-entered-haunted-house-as-fire-burned.html
  4. I was the one who was attack by the dog riding monkey here's video. http://t.co/crkgpmcW I hope this link work. Stupid monkey.
  5. tick0

    Submit clips here!

    This movie was insane. This clip just shows how bad it is CIA agent Jack Reynolds (Billy Ray Cyrus) has a score to settle. Five years ago, his family was slaughtered after he tried to break up an illegal arms ring. But now he's discovered the location of the gunrunner who killed his family--and he's going undercover and taking on a whole crooked town in order to get his man!
  6. tick0

    Radical Jack

    This is the greatest bad movie that no one has seen. Please give it a chance it has all the points for a great bad movie. A) Billy Ray Cyrus is the Main actor A CIA agent who left the agency after his family was killed. C) An awkward sex scene D) Shot in Vermont. So good. Watch the trailer.
  7. tick0

    Episode 61 — Time Traveling Skrillex

    Jason deserved all of those comedy credits. Also and extra who charted just made my week. So is the bonus chart dead?
  8. tick0

    Episode 47 — Hey Redundancy

    I love hearing a whole lot of Pardo all over earwolf this week. Really feel someone could easy write 'Hey Redundancy.' I'll start with the first verse: <embed src="http://www.4shared.com/embed/865544643/28ad6c00" width="420" height="250" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed> Tell me would you think it be alright, if I just podcast tonight. You see I'm no Jimmy Pardo anyway I got no place to go. You know it might not sound that bad. I hope it sounds like a Howard rant. even if I recorded it a year ago it might be on itunes tomorrow we can chart around the town. and let Kulap count it down. You past charts might taken down and replaced.... Hey Redundancy.
  9. How about Janet Varney and Cole Stratton? You could get them on before SF Sketchfest.
  10. tick0

    Episode 38 — The Return of Suit McGoo

    Paul F out did himself this week! I counted 4 fucks including the bonus chart. The real question, when are we going to see Kulap's birth certificate? How do we really know that she didn't married Scott for a green card?
  11. tick0

    Who Charted T-Shirt

    Just ordered mine. I Cant wait to show off the chart forest in Reno NV!
  12. tick0

    Best Co-hosts ever

    Paul F Tompkins was amazing this week! I almost crashed my car listening.
  13. tick0

    X-Files: I Want to Believe

    I love the part when Scully is doing "Research" on stem cells and googles it!
  14. tick0

    IPhone App 2.0

    The thing I'm finding wrong with the beta right now, is the app when stopped and then restarted later skips almost 5 minutes back. Also push notifications are not working yet. All in all, the news update is working pretty good. Great Job Shahruz!