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  1. This movie really took me by surprise because I never thought Keanu Reeves would be the best actor in one of his movies. Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toEBwUmAEhQ In case your wondering what the movie is like, it's about a loser and two bitches(I don't like the term, but it apprioprately describes them), and ultimately nothing of worth happens except terrible acting and me wishing I had seen the Croods instead (at least then I'd get to see animated Nicholas Cage)
  2. DreamingStarkly

    Episode 19 — Twirly Burrito

    As a Foot Locker employee, this episode offended me greatly.
  3. DreamingStarkly

    Episode 6 — Gelmania VI

    This podcast sounds a lot like the bits that me and my friends do on xbox live party chat. Strangely, both contain copious amounts of rape and swearing.
  4. DreamingStarkly

    Episode 5 — Gelmania V

    That outro gets more and more frightening every episode.
  5. DreamingStarkly

    Guests You Want To Hear On The Wolf Den 2012

    Barack Hussein Obama and Ira Glass
  6. DreamingStarkly

    Episode 4 — Gelmania IV

    What the hell am I listening to? I didn't even laugh for most of the episode and yet.....I'm compelled to keep listening.
  7. DreamingStarkly

    The Machine Girl

    One of my favorite weird Japanese films I like to watch with friends, this movie comes from writer-director Noboru Iguchi, whose other films include Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead, RoboGeisha (another great weird one), and Mutant Girls Squad. The film is about a girl who stands up against the bully who killed her brother, unfortunately that bully is the son of the Yakuza (japanese mafia), and she gets her arm lopped off. After a hasty escape, she teams up with mechanic who lost her son to the yakuza. Outfitted with a machine gun attached to her missing arm, she seeks bloody ridiculous revenge against those that did her in. -- Warning: video contains exploding heads, among other violent things.
  8. DreamingStarkly

    Drive (2011)

    If HDTGM did a Drive episode for being anything other than awesome, I'd probably delete my subscription. I like Drive just a bit too much.
  9. DreamingStarkly

    ThanksKilling (2009)

  10. DreamingStarkly

    Bald Vaginas: Laime or Totally?

    Totally sexy
  11. DreamingStarkly

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    This episode isn't showing up on iTunes (for me at least)
  12. 5. NTSF:SD:SUV:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKylO_zfGIs 4. Squidbillies 3. Robot Chicken http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHy1rPwZ3Lw&feature=related 2. Children's Hospital 1. Venture Bros.
  13. And the only thing he gave me in return was a lifetime of chocolate eggs.
  14. DreamingStarkly

    Episode 43 — Songs In The Key of SoBe

    You guys are talking about Kavinsky, right? Great stuff:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV_3Dpw-BRY
  15. DreamingStarkly

    Episode 10.3 — The Final Challenge: Day 3

    Well I have no intention of listening to Totally Laime, but at least I discovered Left-handed Radio and F Plus so the challenge wasn't too much of a waste of time. - Congrats to Totally Laime, though.