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    Big Grande's The Teacher's Lounge

    Wishing Well and TGIGOTGOST should definitely be ongoing podcasts.
  2. "Hair" Schumaker? C'mon, guys.
  3. What the fuck? First you steal my name, then you steal my catchphrase?!
  4. We know now that in the early years of the 21st century, this world was being watched closely by intelligences far greater than Man's. For more on this developing story, we go now to Flop Soccerman. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!
  5. I think Todd's great and I listen to his podcast just about every week. He strikes me as a very kind, generous, wise, insightful person with little or no formal education who, as a consequence, doesn't always have the language to express himself the way he wants to and who is unfortunately very self-conscious and defensive about it. It seems like that could be a big reason why it's sometimes so hard for him to finish a sentence before interrupting himself with another one.
  6. Shit, so God-damned close!
  7. Removed from his own podcast, Todd's rants make him sound crazily defensive and paranoid. It's fantastic. PLEASE let them bring back U Playin' U2 For Me? back in another episode. Just too good to never do again. Maybe another Staind Glass ep? Anyway. I've listened to this episode three times today, following spending all weekend working my way through the four-hour Todd Glass Show episode with Paul F. Tompkins that plopped last week. These two episodes, plus this week's CBB with Paul F. and Matt Gourley, have made for a pretty fucking great week of podcasts.
  8. But this has become one of my favorite podcasts. Adam Scott Aukerman have great chemistry, and it's a joy to just hear them hanging out. I hope that next U2 album never drops.
  9. Ha ha, but seriously guys, I really look forward to this podcast every week. I can't hardly wait for it to be Wednesday.
  10. Welcome to Comedy Bang! Bang!