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  1. GoodJon

    Episode 101 — THUNDER!

    great episode. thanks for continuing to get great and different and fun guests.
  2. GoodJon

    Episode 45 — Walking The Room

    this was the first real conversation on the show is quite some time. Many good points were brought up. I like earwolf but it still seems that it has too much overhead and is too UCB/Friend's of Scott Aukerman-Centric. That's not a bad thing, but it is limiting and has the same audience. There is a need to go outside of this world. I recently made a list of people that I think would make a good podcast unfortunately I'm not even sure they would make a large dent in the world and get more exposure. I'm not sure even sure that Jeff Dunham would get a large audience, although he is the type of person that I would try with. Being a network is proving to be a difficult thing especially when it's a career and not merely a supplement or hobby. but I wonder if Earwolf went away would any of the shows cease to exist.
  3. GoodJon

    Monkey Shines

    I agree. Do this one!!! He packs a backpack full of bricks every morning before he runs
  4. GoodJon

    Yo Welcome you Laime-os

    Hey new listeners. Here are some of my favorite episodes: 13 Artemis Pebdani; 15 Megan Ganz; 26 Adam Pally; 42 Mike Burns; 43 Harris Wittels; 66 Aubrey Plaza.
  5. GoodJon

    Episode 88 — Vanity Plates! Incest!

    Hey new listeners. Here are some of my favorite episodes: 13 Artemis Pebdani; 15 Megan Ganz; 26 Adam Pally; 42 Mike Burns; 43 Harris Wittels; 66 Aubrey Plaza.
  6. GoodJon

    Episode 36 — Who Uses Yourcast?

    The show seemed especially condescending today. In fact I In fact, i suppose i find the whole yourcast offering to be condescending. I didn't even know about the page until it was brought up today. When I go to the site, I usually head straight for an episode page to look at a picture or maybe make a comment. I am curious as to how much traffic the site gets. The forums don't see much action, and while it's only $5, it may not actually be worth it if no one sees it. These two used it as more of a donation and getting something in return for their donation than an actual service. *It's been a month since Earwolf joined funnyordie. Why haven't we heard any ads yet? *Most podcasts record from home. Why did earwolf decide to rent a studio? Do you have plans to rent it out to other podcasts? *What are some goals going forward? Does Earwolf want to boost the numbers of existing shows? Will you be adding shows? Would love to have a saturday morning podcast and a companion, time slot wise, to HDTGM.
  7. let's get this show over with so I can play with my wife's boobies. Honk. Honk
  8. I'm interested in the judging going forward. I think that the rotating judges actually hurts the competition in the end. there needs to be more consistency in the judging and hopefully the last episodes will reflect that.
  9. GoodJon

    Episode 29 — Who Is Baratunde Thurston?

    very good episode. Baratunde is great. one of the big things when getting donations is the transaction fee. Some places will state that they prefer checks over a credit card for this reason. Maybe you could state that you prefer a lump sum. Additionally, I like the idea of paying into a yearly fan club membership, especially if it meant I got a tshirt and/or some premium content. Another thing I took away from him and last week's episode is that NYC comedians aren't that aware of Earwolf as a whole. I feel that it is a market that needs to be developed. I understand why, but Earwolf is too Los Angeles Alternative Comedy based and it may be time to bring in outside talent. So, what I'm saying is that Baratunde would be a great person to have his own comedy podcast HINT HINT.
  10. GoodJon

    Episode 28 — Did You Miss Me?

    Have you considered using Topatico like max fun and Jonathan colton for merchants? If you're going to break even might as well let someone else handle it. Also be careful with niche designs and chacacter shirts. I'd much rather have a show shirt be available first.
  11. GoodJon

    Episode 28 — Did You Miss Me?

    Superego uses chapters and photos with each. I like it. And it could be useful.
  12. GoodJon

    Episode 26 — Well That Was Weird

    Earwolf could use a companion to How Did This Get Made, time slot wise. The Wolf den could be every other week. The audio player needs a volume function. Live broadcasts would be appreciated too. Did you turn down Chris Hardwick's offer to use Nerdmelt? It seems odd to rent when you only use the space for a few hours a day. I worry about your money situation. Hopefully you can get some advertising soon. Also, I know you were frustrated and maybe he deserved it, but I feel that you threw Engineer Doug under the bus.