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    Correction: The Devil's Advocate

    Yes 80 copies. New Releases came out on Tuesdays which at our store was .99 rental day. We 200 copies of Men in Black. And they were always gone at first. The sticker was a small white rectangle that said something like "A scene in the following movie contains a piece of art by sculptor Frederick Hart. There is no relationship between the sculpture in 'Devil's Advocate' and Mr. Hart's 'Ex Nihilo.' The artist does not endorse or sponsor or is in any way affiliated with 'Devil's Advocate' or the portrayal of the art work in it." I grabbed some of this from a press release I found about it. I didn't remember all of it of course. Anyways, I'm glad I could get that piece of trivia about this dumb I know too much about off my chest.
  2. ChaseRoper

    Jeff Q&A

    I have one of the best podcast ideas to pitch to Earwolf. Who's garbage can should I throw my pitch directly into?
  3. ChaseRoper

    Correction: The Devil's Advocate

    Hi guys! I was working in a video store when this movie hit VHS. I remember being forced by the production company to stick disclaimer stickers on all 80 copies because a sculptor named Frederick Hart's masterpiece "ex nihilo" was predominantly featured without his consent. I had to place stickers on the movie covers for the rental copies and WB had to cut the scene out before it was released for sale. Here's an old article I found about it. I hated that movie even more after all those stupid stickers. http://www.variety.com/article/VR1117467814/
  4. ChaseRoper

    Episode 19 — Keeping Your Cool

    Is Maa Wife happening in here too?! I can't escape it! I have four kiddos and all but one are ambitious little socialites who wear their emotions on their sleeves. The third has aspergers and expresses a level of honestly with everyone around him that I can't begin to explain.
  5. ChaseRoper

    Episode 17 — CBB Nativity Pageant Special

    Oh boy, this was a great thing to hear. I really enjoyed the brief story arch wherein PFT and Andy Richter co-interview each other and then PFT comes back to address this serious issue with Jake later. Seriously, I'm really bummed that I never had the opportunity to see a live Tue show. I know a few folk who have had an opportunity to be on one of those nights and I kind of wish I never made that opportunity happen either. In all, I fee that Scott has greatly affected the comedy landscape of the world with CDR/CBB and I'm really happy for the amazing run it had. Ok, now I have to take lunch to MAH WAAAHHF. (I hope I'm spelling that affectation right.)
  6. ChaseRoper

    Episode 17 - Young Dad

    I concur with Barry! Kids will actually learn how to put themselves to sleep but you've got to set them up for success! A well structured and reliable bedtime routine over time will prime their little brains for slumber. My first boy did not have this and we suffered! Horribly late nights, tantrums, he'd have a bad attitude during the day due to lack of sleep. . . Our next three were different and bedtimes go very smoothly. We would do something simple that started at pretty much the same time every day: Dinner, Bath, Teeth Brushing, Storytime, Bed. When they're toddlers, they will let out a cry that makes mom and dad very anxious, but take Barry's advice. Go in the room, sing a song or two maybe, pat their back, and leave the room.
  7. ChaseRoper

    Episode 15 — Music Fun!

    As a dad who also has his own dad podcast, the competitive voice in me says, "Yes, End it!" But really, I love this show and need the conversations to continue because they keep me sharp and on my toes as a father. Having Jeff's "book smart" point of view toward parenting is fresh for me (and sometimes amusing) and I don't necessarily think there HAS to be a second dad everytime. If the consensus is that this show needs another person to help book guests and continue going, I will volunteer happily to help book guests. I'm sure I could do it just fine from here in rainy Olympia, WA.
  8. ChaseRoper

    Season 2?

    I feel fairly certain that this show has run its course. I'd love a second season but I'll bet the cost benefit to the network isn't worth it.
  9. Super Mario surfs the internet with his King Koopa Web Bowser.
  10. ChaseRoper

    Episode 10 — Sports

    Those stories scare and chill me to my core. I decided long ago that the best thing to do is talk to your children about the dangers without the gruesome details (depending on their age) Most importantly, as a parent, you HAVE to assume that everybody wants to abduct and/or molest your children. And then plan accordingly. Don't let them be in situations where an individual can have that opportunity. This means relatives and good friends! Don't let anyone else know you are this paranoid but keeping that in mind will prevent you from letting your 8yo run off to use the bathroom at a Chuck E Cheese on their own where a predator could be hanging out in a stall. Ugh.
  11. I was approached by a business interested in being a sponsor. Not an affiliate Like Amazon or Audible which I have as well, but a company would like to be a sponsor. I have much less downloads than any earwolf show but what do you think would be a reasonable amount to request for regular drops and web ad space etc?
  12. ChaseRoper

    A Safe Place to Vent

    Can we have a place to vent frustrations here? Something like the opposite of the Gratitude List but only one thing once in a while? We're moving in 4 days and I still have packing to do. I'm the only one packing and I still have ALL the kids with me ALL day. I've asked family for help in any way and when any of the few capable people in my circle aren't interested or available to help, they just don't ever respond. This is infuriating. The kids are whining, they constantly are asking for food and I have a couple hours left in the day before it hits 1,000 degrees out. I'm trying to juggle too many things and I'm losing my mind. Love, Chase
  13. ChaseRoper

    Episode 176 — Out of Bleeps

    Speed round! I love that Amy agrees with Occams Razor and then in the last question, gives the most opposite example of Occams Razor as her answer. Scott nailed her!
  14. ChaseRoper

    Episode 93 — RikiLeaks

    After Riki and Kulap sharing SO MUCH about their little amounts of various body hairs, I feel like it's only fair of me to post here that I have regular non-repulsive amount of hair on my body. Also, I'm going to have to watch Hell Baby someday and my wife will be in the room and when Riki's shower scene comes on, I'm going to have to be all like, "What? Whoah! Didn't expect that. At. All."
  15. ChaseRoper

    Episode 175 — Mop Water

    LDSALW still not a time bobby.
  16. ChaseRoper

    Episode 5 — Observing

    Dking27: You go running at 5AM!? I started eating healthy and running every other day a few months ago. I'm down from 250lbs to 220lbs so far. My goal is 200. I've also notice my energy level and overall motivation to accomplish things has gone up. Also, I miss Ben&Jerry's.
  17. ChaseRoper

    Episode 3 — Mortality

    so far, no.
  18. ChaseRoper

    Episode 173 — Ride Like Hell

  19. ChaseRoper

    Episode 3 — Mortality

    This episode made me confront the fear I feel inside when I think about death and what it would be like for family if I wasn't hear. I hate that feeling. Just this massive gaping dread like a sinking pit in my chest. Ugh. I loved the episode though. Jeff, you're tip at the end was great and David's notion about why we give in to vices is great. It is definitely true that if we say yes to our kids all the time and give all of our time away, we will as harbor resentment as dads. I've been there for sure. I always say yes and it recently led to us getting a puppy. It's a cute little fuzzball of a dog but I really wanted to say no because I'm the one at home who will be the sole person taking care of it. It was my "last straw." Now I resent and hate that fuzzy little shit dog more than anything in the world.
  20. ChaseRoper

    Gratitude Lists!

    TODAY. 1. I'm grateful for my own Dad. 2. I'm grateful for the many opportunities my kids give me to test my problem solving skills. 3. I'm grateful for school starting again. 4. I'm grateful for my new house. 5. I'm grateful for the 7 coffee stands located just 5 minutes from this house.
  21. ChaseRoper

    Gratitude Lists!

    Bonus: I'm grateful for the edit button that lets me remove dumb duplicate posts.
  22. ChaseRoper

    Gratitude Lists!

    Moving day. Today I am grateful for: 1) Friends with big trucks. 2) my sister in law who agreed to watch my 4 kids while I make trips. 3) The fact that each of my kids have their own bedroom. 4) Living 5 minutes away from everything going on in Olympia. 5) my French press!
  23. ChaseRoper

    Gratitude Lists!

    List for today! 1. I'm grateful that Jeff Ulrich takes the time to do these gratitude lists. 2. I'm grateful for pay checks being a bit larger than anticipated. 3. I'm grateful for moving to a bigger house in 4 days. (will have my own office space!) 4. Grateful that my kids are healthy. 5. Grateful for Hazelnut Creamer.
  24. ChaseRoper


    I can't wait for this first episode. My kids wake me up promptly at 5:30 am each day. This will be the first podcast I listen to tomorrow. It feels like Christmas Eve.
  25. ChaseRoper

    Episode 2 — Multitasking

    As I type this, my 3 youngest kiddos are hovering around me - FIGHTING with each other over the fact that one of them won't share all of his new bday things with them. . . I feel like most of day is spent trying to remember what I was just saying. I can relate with Dave on the dividing up time with kids situation. For me, since I'm a stay at home dad and with them all always - whenever I leave to run an errand when my wife is home the kids take turns coming with me one at a time. And Jeff, I always feel guilty when I do something without my kids. I'm at home everyday with them and definitely deserve some time away once in a while. Whenever I take that time (maybe once every 3 months or so) I feel awful about it and always try to justify staying home anyways. Sometimes I think I have Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to my house and kids.