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  1. I don't really think anyone turns to PFT's impressions for vocal accuracy. That's Adomian's bag. Paul takes the shell of the C-list famous person and spins it off into weird, crazy areas.


    As far as why is it worth doing an Alan Thicke impersonation? You could say the same for Garry Marshall, or Andrew Lloyd Webber. Or Adomian's Paul Giamatti (not, inherently, a funny guy) or Huell Howser.


    The answer is because the characterizations are funny. The person doing the impression imbues those "celebrities" with a quirk that they don't really have. For Thicke, it was Paul's characterization of a snooty actor.


    So to me, this Alan Thicke impression was the exact opposite of an "epic fail". Total opposite.

    What are you even talking about!? PFT's Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is SPOT ON.

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  2. Unrelated to this episode, last night my wife was reading a horoscope out loud and mentioned that one of our kids' sign governs the stomach and thorax. I said that I didn't think people had a thorax to which my 14yo replied, "I've heard of the Lorax, but the thorax!?"


    I have the best kids.

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  3. Olympia? What's up? I went to Evergreen, lived there from 1997 until 2005, and was pretty active in the music scene (played in bands, put on shows, DJ'd at KAOS for three years) and was the ticket booth guy at the Capitol Theater every Sunday for about four of those years. Do I know you?


    Awesome. I don't think I know you but I never go out to clubs or do anything fun. So that might be why.


    Mostly cloudly but might clear up to be a nice summer day!

  4. I thought it would be really helpful if we had a place on the internet to get more weather updates. Each week we know what the weather was like in L.A. at the time of the CBB recording but what about other places in the world? How are we supposed about the weather somewhere else?!


    So each day, come on here please and share your location and weather. I'll start.


    Olympia, WA. A few clouds outside but mostly blue skies and sunshine.

  5. The sunglasses for the kid with Aspergers makes sense but the movie didn't do ANYTHING to explain why. It might have been on accident like you guys suggested. My son has Apsergers and a key component for a lot of people on this end of the autism spectrum live with different sensory sensitivities Certain sounds, over stimulation, fabrics or lighting (especially flourescent) bothers them. We have a special plan in place with my son's school that includes allowing him to wear sunglasses in the building and during if he feels like he needs to.


    I don't think there was anything in the movie that did a good job of explaining this kid's Aspergers or even that they got it right, but I just thought I'd share and educate a little!

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  6. Bullstation,


    I hate to also sound cliched but this just sounds real tough and I'm sorry your family going through this. I wish I could offer some sort of advice or resource for you. Hopefully you also have a close friend or two that you can talk to you. Just using someone who will listen to your frustrations and validate what you are feeling can be a help for me often. If want one more person like that, email me at chase.roper@gmail.com and I'll send you my phone number!

  7. Unfortunately Chase, we don't work that way. There is no shortage of great ideas; the shortage is in resources and artists who have the talent, passion and time to execute the ideas. Sorry!


    First, I accept your apology. Second, I, being a creative artist in my own right, shall will be forced to execute my super awesome idea with my own resources, passion and time!

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  8. Yes 80 copies. New Releases came out on Tuesdays which at our store was .99 rental day. We 200 copies of Men in Black. And they were always gone at first.


    The sticker was a small white rectangle that said something like "A scene in the following movie contains a piece of art by sculptor Frederick Hart. There is no relationship between the sculpture in 'Devil's Advocate' and Mr. Hart's 'Ex Nihilo.' The artist does not endorse or sponsor or is in any way affiliated with 'Devil's Advocate' or the portrayal of the art work in it." I grabbed some of this from a press release I found about it. I didn't remember all of it of course. Anyways, I'm glad I could get that piece of trivia about this dumb I know too much about off my chest.