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  1. DubipR

    San Diego Comic Con 2017

    Hey Gang, Just dropping a line in wondering if the Best of Earwolf panel was taped and available to listen to? The same with the Comedy Bang Bang SDCC show. I know that one is usually in the CBB Special Edition area on the Howl/Stitcher site, but nothing has shown up. Is there an ETA on these two programs? -R
  2. DubipR

    Best of 2016: Your Choices

    Opps..my error. Click on "Shows" and hit the CBB page...it should be there"
  3. DubipR

    Best of 2016: Your Choices

    On today's episode (Tragedy Boom! Boom!) has the voting....
  4. Looks like the voting for the Best of Comedy Bang Bang 2016 is here! Hurrah! As always, it's time to place out votes. I'm curious to hear what your favorites were for the CBB Calendar. Let's go by the voting on what's the polls... Top 5 Favorite Live & Top 10 Podcast Episodes My Lists CBB 2016 LIVE 1. April 30 (Los Angeles)- I was there so I'm biased but a great start to the tour 2. Aug 28- Sydney - For Claudia O'Doherty alone... loved this one 3. July 25- San Diego Comic Con- For the Kid Detectives finding Scott's golf bag of dildos... pricless 4. May 15- Gramercy Theater w/Bobby Monihyan 5. May 6- Toronto with/Kristian Brunn & Tim Baltz 2016 Podcast Episodes 1. #391- 2015 Holiday Special 2. #392- Holiday Womptacular (anything with the Wompster is good) 3. #400- The Ware on Surfing- Hot Dog... nuff said 4. #404- The Timey's Leap Year Celebration- Neil Campbell at his best and just crushed it 5. #406- Kid Detectives II- what's more to say 6 #408- SXSW 2016- Benny Schwaz, Nick Kroll, PFT and Geno...brilliant 7 #416- Silicone Bralley Poo Crew- Middleditch introducing Turd Dunkweed... A little to the left! 8. #418- Paul Riser and the Apple Tree- By far the best moment in CBB 2016. Tiny, Victor and Willie's "Apple Tree Song" is the best thing ever. It's now my ringtone 9. #419- 7th Anniversary- For Tim Baltz & Drew Tarver... Yum Yum Cinnamon Tummy 10. # 446- Scrounging & Lounging- the return of Krisitan Brunn & Tatian Maslany. And Mary Holland's entrance as Janice Cramps... best show stopper ever "Hello, I'm pregnant" PFT laughing uncontrollably for a good 5 minutes afterwards... Happy Holidays!
  5. DubipR

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    I'd also throw in the Paul Riser/Brendon Small episode as well. Tiny,Victor and Willy's Apple song makes me smile and laugh
  6. Oh god, I had to dry my eyes from crying listening to the Apple Tree song... God I love Victor & Tiny so much. What was brilliant is that Scott hated Willy was on the track over the constant apple crunching. Now, I'm curious... did they use a Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Fuji, or some other apple for the delicious backing track?.
  7. DubipR

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    After listening to this twice in a row here at work, I had to pause and make sure I heard Paul right when he read his reviews on Bloodsport by David Worth. I had to check if my hunch was right and yes it was the same David Worth I was thinking of. Fans of MST3K should know the name David Worth as he was the director and DP of the 1983 schlocktacular classic Warrior of the Lost World starring Robert Ginty, Donald Pleasence and Fred Williamson. Thanks to the Rialto Report, podcast, did you also know that David Worth was a director and cinematographer in adult films? Yes, Mr. Worth was using the pseudonym Sven Conrad in the 70s and early 80s shooting such adult classics like Pink Champagne, Frat House and Doing It! From adult films to Bloodsport, I guess Mr. Worth must've liked shooting nut shots.
  8. DubipR


    My Top 10 (in numerical order): 1. Ep. 329 Too Much Tuna Tour 2. Ep. 335 The Marriage of Gilli & Gary 3. Ep. 336 NOT Farts & Procreation 4 4. Ep. 338 Be My Guest,Literally 5. Ep. 349 6th Anniversary Show 6. Ep. 354 Solo Bolo: Dos Lo 7. Ep. 356 Heynong Man 8 Ep. 375 Wompler 17th Birthday Womptacular 9. Ep. 377 Goodnight & Good Morning 10. Ep. 378 Mailer Daemon Seriously,some brilliant shows that had me in stitches....
  9. First off.......AMAZETASTIC EPISODE! Having Dan Deacon there and giving I4H a boost up and beyond to make this the episode of the year..... I'm on my second listen to it right now. I'm at work right now and my body is all tingly from the music. It's so freaking good! And then Besser brings a murderer's row of amazing improvers. I need to try this like a 420 episode when I get home.
  10. DubipR

    EPISODE 251.5 — 9/25/15 TWO CHARTED 190

    I want a Pin'em-ata!
  11. Esperanto Film Fact: All the signage in Blade Trinity is in Esperanto Another brilliant episode!
  12. Paul has been busy with the Pee-Wee Herman Netflix film, so he's been under the radar lately...
  13. Get Nick Nolte on NERD POKER stat! Laughed my ass off today listening to this episode.