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  1. stk

    Episode 48 — Hello 2012!

    Thanks for the updates, Jeff! I would recommend making a stronger PR push this year. I was disappointed that THR's recent article about Funny or Die did not include Earwolf. The fact that I became visibly upset, upsets me. I think I like Earwolf too much...haha. On a different note, I would like to see/hear Peter Principato or an agent from CAA digital. Enjoy the "time off." http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/funny-or-die-will-ferrell-dark-knight-marion-cotillard-280400
  2. stk

    Episode 45 — Walking The Room

    Jake Fogelnest might be a good guy for the music podcast or perhaps John Mayer (he has a self-effacing, off-beat comedic tone). I am sure Earwolf has a connection with his CAA agent to get that conversation going.
  3. stk

    Episode 44 — HijiNKS ENSUE

    Loved this. Funny story about the "ashamed to admit what you do in a casual conversation"...*Sigh.* Also, Ramen noodles are getting WAAYY too much press here. Jeff, what aren't you telling us?
  4. stk

    Episode 41 — The Chris Gethard Show

    Will Earwolf be affiliated with the upcoming CBB show on IFC? If so, will any revenue come in if the show gets picked up? On a different note, the new Eardrop initiative is absurdly good/funny. This has the potential to be a major innovation to the existing Twitter platform. Having brief audio clips that are seamlessly integrated into tweets would be welcomed by countless industries and advertisers. Good luck "fuddy duddy!"
  5. I am going to have to dust off the old tuxedo and football for this one.
  6. stk

    Episode 40 — 5 Second Films

    Great episode. Ben Gigli was quite insightful and seems incredibly knowledgeable of the digital space. The Youtube initiative sounds awesome. It will be interesting to see what you do with the visual aspect. On a side note, how about STRONG-ARMING Harris into writing some subtle Earwolf jokes in Parks and Rec episodes? (product placement) I am sure there are probably some licensing issues at bay, but that would be some great exposure. Finally, now that pesky Halloween is out of the way, I think you guys should come up with a comprehensive "Holiday Wish List" of what the hosts/guests/Ear Wolf employees would recommend for the holidays (books, dvds, itunes audio, movies etc) that can be bought on Amazon.
  7. It sounds like the work atmosphere is fun and exciting. Jeff, would you be willing to give more information about the Funny or Die partnership? Do you receive additional sales/marketing personnel, audio equipment etc.? Any plans of becoming a subsidiary in the future?...Also, congrats on the baby! I trust that you will instill the same dry/sarcastic sense of humor IMMEDIATELY after birth. Good Luck!
  8. stk

    Episode 36 — Who Uses Yourcast?

    I think there needs to be a show which exclusively involves Jeff becoming jokingly angered with any guest that promotes a non-EarWolf show. Perhaps Howard Kramer can show up in a dress for the Halloween 'scare tactics' episode?...I've noticed that the sound quality of doing interviews over the phone still isn't completely on par with the in-studio sound. Do you foresee a technological advancement in the future that will remedy this very minor issue or will skype/phone interviews always sound like a skit from The Fugees' The Score album? Also, Bryan Cranston's interview on WTF was splendid today. Head on over.
  9. stk

    Episode 34 — Who Is Peter Kafka?

    Wow! This was great. One of my favorite episodes so far. To follow up regarding jughead's comment, is there any plans of filming these live shows in the future? Perhaps offer these shows for a fee, similar to what you did with Bumpershoot. Why should comedians have to rely on HBO/Comedy Central for air time when EarWolf could provide this added exposure at a minimal cost?
  10. stk

    Episode 42 — 12.5 Cups of Summah

    I consider Coachella to be the official start of summah. Therefore, I propose that you take a trip to Target, pick up one of those tailgating tents, pitch your own Who Charted? tent at Coachella next year, and have a summah. If you happen to see a slip n slide while you are out, pick that up too.
  11. stk

    Episode 33 — Who Runs Funny or Die?

    Another great interview. I am interested to hear about the pricing breakdown of these Q-code tee-shirts and ear-bud sweatshirts. The idea is very cool, but I am skeptical about how well they would sell in both the short term and long term. I personally believe that the idea might be a bit risky in terms of walking that line between "coolness vs. gimmicky." A limited edition product line would probably be the best bet. It just seems like there would be too small a market to invest in any large scale production...but then again, I know absolutely nothing about apparel manufacturing or marketing other than that I really dislike the show "How to Make it in America." I am looking forward to the future initiatives this partnership has planned.
  12. I....am...dumb...condense. Damn you internet cop!
  13. I....am...dumb...condense. Damn you internet cop!