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  1. Roses are Red, Turds are Brown.. Heavy is the Face that Wears the Frown.
  2. sweetjimmyt

    Episode 6 — Jon Daly\'s Rafflecast

    Jon Daly makes Joan Jett look like Keith Sweat (Keith Sweat.. sweat..sweat..) He's taking Bullshit to COLLEGE!!! East Coast is jelly-jelly. "We're all about weed here on the coast, though I must say that I fuck with coke, sprinkle some snow on a great green bow, release your inner Al Jarreau." (not since Goldchains' "Break or Be Broken..")
  3. sweetjimmyt

    Episode 85 — Sklarwood Luncheon 2012

    Graham is fun as always, but so stoked to hear "Sonny and the Sunsets!" "Tomorrow is Alright" is such a perfect record. If you haven't seen his "100 records" Jukebox in person, you need to. Sonny is a genius. He had around 90 artists draw 45" covers from a list of 100 fictional bands that he created, and then you can physically play both songs (A-side, B-side) that he recorded off of each record on the jukebox. Ridiculous. http://www.sonnysmith.com/?page_id=18
  4. sweetjimmyt

    Episode 83 — Living On A Edge

    Love Ben Schwartz! What an all-around cool guy. Thanks.
  5. sweetjimmyt

    Episode 79 — Sloppy Lady Junk

    If Tommy Wonderful does a K-Fed video, I want to see a Dukes/ Bandit mash-up. "Flash Vs. Fred." "Enos Vs. Junior." "Snowman Vs. Cooter." "Justice Vs. Hogg." It's endless.
  6. sweetjimmyt

    Episode 3 — Gelmania III

    Par Excellence, Mi Chico!
  7. sweetjimmyt

    Episode 67 — Hard High Five

    Great show as always! Please play 3rd man, and pull a Reggie Watts by putting the show out on VINYL!! I'm a DJ and collector, and am always so bummed at the lack of vinyl comedy LP's. There have only been a handful in the last 10 years. Short presses will sell. High-five/no tack..
  8. sweetjimmyt

    Episode 63 — The Sklar Triplets

    Sooooooooo-weee!! Besser & Co. had me Barking at Life on this one. I'm replacing Henderson with "HOLTZ" for one week only. Nice job. Sklars.. I'll see you in Portland.