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  1. They should have been nicer to the folks at the Cards For Humans game, and I broke my 666 post count for this. Eh, well spent I guess. May the HH forums live on through history as something that was fun and good
  2. Um... shoot... uh... save rent? I'm just trying to prevent the roasting. My parents ain't got much meat on 'em and I'd hate for you to waste a good spit.
  3. Even a couple of bad boy rascals can bring the world a bit of joy ❤
  4. Looks like try month is the gift that just keeps on giving. What a guest, baby!
  5. Michelle, that scene in the batman movie where the cats get all on you and then make you become the cat woman creeps me out to this day because of the shot of the one that licks you on the mouth. Did you know how scratchy cat tounges were before you agreed to do that?
  6. Henry

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    I like to imagine the phone was trying to wash up in Italy for all that lasagna, and then when it realized it washed up in the wrong country it said "Ugh, Mondays" and then got up to the kind of mischief that only a nasty cat like Garfield could get into.
  7. Henry

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    And then that reminded me of something. I can't remember the last time I looked at the alphabet. I mean I see it all scrambled up on a daily basis via keyboards and the like, but it's been years since I've looked at it A to Z style. The way it was intended to be seen. Everyone, do yourselves a favor and write the alphabet out beginning to end, take a long look, and remember the good old days before we had all these gadgets that make you think the alphabet starts with Q.
  8. Henry

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    Woah, I've been a big fan of Soup in the Afternoon for years and I can't believe I got a shout out live on the air! I really do enjoy that program where Martha comes from. "Tragic Rodeo Birthday Clown Horse Surprise" I believe it's called. I keep trying to Google it to make sure, but Google must be broken because it's not showing up and I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong. I'll give the internet a call and get it fixed because people should see that show, and Martha is fantastic in it. Keep up the good work by keeping us informed, Soup! And if I could I'd like to make a song request for "Bat Dance" and get the funk up this afternoon!
  9. Nice research skills, Soup! I had a feeling it was him because I've always been the biggest Tim Heisenberg fan ever. I just remembered that I made a plea for his appearance here before. It took a few years, but they finally listened!
  10. Even though Tim has already obviously appeared on Earwolf before I still consider him to be a guest on the "get down and suck on these" level. How exciting!
  11. Henry

    Episode 283 - The Masked Guest

    Umm... Shark Sandwich sounds "too scary"? I guess it's been a while since I've seen the movie.
  12. Henry

    Episode 283 - The Masked Guest

    HH always goes to 11 in my heart (edit: I only noticed the picture and hadn't seen it was accompanied by pretty much the same comment. I'll try to think of a different one...)
  13. Henry

    Episode 283 - The Masked Guest

    Heheh, a gutsy wager... and I like it! Today they may as well change the stitcher voice saying "resuming episode" to the sound of a spinning roulette table, and I've put all my chips on "great"!
  14. Henry

    Episode 283 - The Masked Guest

    I gotta admit that I haven't listened to the entire episode either, just playing the odds and betting on it being great.
  15. Henry

    Episode 283 - The Masked Guest

    Is masks the new future of good podcasting? Recent evidence of good episodes sure suggests so! I kind of hope the next newest piece of earwolf merch is an HH inspired podcast mask so I can have hours of fun playing podcast at home!