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    punk rocks and comic books
  1. truthskull

    Houston call to arms

    Josh Fadem will be performing at Rudyards on July 2, we should blow this one out of the park!!! It's only 5 dollars.
  2. truthskull


    I hate to clog your browsings with this, but everything helps I guess. Tonight I am in the finals of a local comedy competition called the beta brackets. Any support would help the endeavor of winning this. It's also a great induction to local Houston comedy, the others two guys are also very funny. But vote for Brian Zeolla, he has a good heart The venue: Clutch City Squire (upstairs) Address: 410 main, Houston tx Date: 11/14 Time: to receive a ballot, you must be there by 7
  3. truthskull

    Houston Comedy Nerds

    Hey Houston, we ae all mostly comedy nerds within this site, so let's have some fun together. I am putting on a show at Walter's next weekend (Sat. Sept. 22) that combines elements of stand-up and improv in a fun game show format. It's called Choke! You should come out and have yourself a fun time, there will be plenty of audience participation, you may get the chance to be a judge. Come out and support some local comedy! www.chokecomedyshow.com http://www.facebook.com/events/383729735030557/
  4. truthskull

    Shameless Twitter Promotion

    Hey guys, I think we should shamelessly self promote our twitter, in an attempt to make like-minded friends and make each other laugh and smile. Also I think this would be a good place to promote people that should be followed that maybe a lot of people don't know just yet. My twitter is @brianzeolla and my current favorites are @lindzeta @chasedurousseau @chriscubas let's all be friends
  5. truthskull

    Show us your Squarespace site!

    www.brianzeolla.com I am traveling down the road that is comedian, and this is my website. Still tweeking things, trying to make it look less boring, and starting to add as much content as I can. Squarespace!!
  6. Man I am so in love with Lennon and Jessica during this episode
  7. truthskull

    Episode 33.5 — Minisode 33.5

    you guys do realize this is free content, right? paul scheer is not stepping on your throat, forcing you to listen to his friends talk about their new project while he counts the half dollars from your wristband coin purse
  8. truthskull

    Episode 151 — Fan Fiction

    "WWTFSD" "Come on man, don't bring up WTF" the stars aligned for a perect moment, so amazing
  9. truthskull

    Episode 33.5 — Minisode 33.5

    i'm going to watch galaxy quest, and pretend i watched pluto nash, but i'm excited for this episode
  10. truthskull

    Episode 68 — Flatstock

    yeah, i highly recommend the new fun. record, it is near flawless, kind of all the ways pop should be
  11. truthskull

    happy birthday engineer dustin!

    happy birthday dustin
  12. truthskull

    Episode 137.5 — Best of 2011 Pt 2

    Paul F. Tompkins; Bitten by Jesus