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  1. truthskull

    Top 5 CBB/CDR Moments

    Here are mine Honorable mention; Michael Cera saying "Love that tune." in ep. 31. It gets me every time. 5. Sarah, Harris, Ben and Scott start Japan Dogs; Ep. 52 4. Jesse Ventura singing Kiss From a Rose; Live in Chicago 3. Alan Rickman turning Adam Scott into a worthy uhhh...; Ep. 98 2. Anything Paul F. Tompkins does, hes a genius. I will say episode 33, though, so I don't have to choose a character. and drumroll 1. Harris Wittels "This is an analogy?" to Brett Gelmans Fan Truck; Ep. 111 (This is the one that not only made me spit take, but subsequently made me drop my ipod into my test stand, destroying it. Good stuff)
  2. truthskull

    Show us your Squarespace site!

    www.brianzeolla.com I am traveling down the road that is comedian, and this is my website. Still tweeking things, trying to make it look less boring, and starting to add as much content as I can. Squarespace!!
  3. Man I am so in love with Lennon and Jessica during this episode
  4. truthskull

    Episode 33.5 — Minisode 33.5

    you guys do realize this is free content, right? paul scheer is not stepping on your throat, forcing you to listen to his friends talk about their new project while he counts the half dollars from your wristband coin purse
  5. truthskull

    Episode 151 — Fan Fiction

    "WWTFSD" "Come on man, don't bring up WTF" the stars aligned for a perect moment, so amazing
  6. truthskull

    Episode 33.5 — Minisode 33.5

    i'm going to watch galaxy quest, and pretend i watched pluto nash, but i'm excited for this episode
  7. truthskull

    Episode 68 — Flatstock

    yeah, i highly recommend the new fun. record, it is near flawless, kind of all the ways pop should be
  8. truthskull

    happy birthday engineer dustin!

    happy birthday dustin
  9. truthskull

    Episode 137.5 — Best of 2011 Pt 2

    Paul F. Tompkins; Bitten by Jesus
  10. truthskull

    Holiday Special with PFT

    i have not listened to the hdtgm yet, but part of me really hopes that pft interrupts a few times saying, "SCHEERD', YOU REALLY HAVE TO KEEP IT DOWN IN HERE"
  11. truthskull

    Double Dragon (1994)

    best video game movie ever made
  12. truthskull

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    my point wasnt that the conversation couldn't, and shouldn't be had, but that it is a tired conversation. i have a simple belief on the matter, just enjoy what is being given to you. i don't understand how complaints can be made about something like this, because in the end just having opinions, and voicing them over and over again, doesn't do anything. this will come off blunt, and i don't represent anyones opinions but my own, but if you really feel like something can be done better, then do it. so my point wasn't to be mindless, opinionless drones, but the opposite. create something the way that you think it should be done, its way more effective than just adding to the minutia of "this makes my earholes less happy than that". edit; also, in my opinion, compensation was asked for, people are asking, essentially, for the format to be changed, which is not even a constant format. you get more done with positivity, say what you like more, not what you like less.
  13. truthskull

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    you guys should get your money back... oh wait... it's free CREATIVE content (i think the artists can handle formatting the show)
  14. i watched the room this weekend at a midnight screening, stoked on this episode
  15. truthskull

    Episode 130 — Tall Napoleon

    man... would you rather was fixed, you picked elizabeth laime to win from the beginning. you just dont like bobby and jenny because they're sketch. (see what i did there, thats a "different part of the forum callback", or better know as... "dumb") great episode all around
  16. truthskull

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    according to that table, a lot of people have been to suicide house lately. i'm worried, has anyone heard from pft lately
  17. truthskull

    I have a GREAT idea!!!!

    they do this for the la foodbank auctions around chrismastime. last year the only shows in full sway were cdr and sklars (who i dont remember doing this), but i dont doubt more shows will get involved this year. i dont think this should be community policed though, let the powers that be handle it
  18. truthskull


    i dont know if we are voting here, but i vote keep it. but i agree, i assume el chupacabra doesnt do a good russian impression, thats why i appreciate the fact that he doesnt try
  19. @lee, i'm pretty sure they were craftily recorded at different times
  20. truthskull

    Episode 37 — What\'s It Like At Earwolf?

    I am glad i listened to this morning, I have been planning on putting a good chunk of my paycheck into amazon today, glad i can add a little more worth to that.
  21. truthskull

    Episode 127 — National Pleasure

    don't you guys think thats part of the joke... or is this s'junior vs the pieces of comedy all over again