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  1. Mosdefjukie

    EPISODE 231 — Slow Dance Party

    I'm rarely compelled to post, but I felt it necessary this time. I'm a semi-regular listener, but I do enjoy listening to Armen completely. I find his personality very endearing and don't actually understand the hate. Sometimes we listeners feel it is our duty to express our "inconsequential" feelings about the people involved making this absolutely 100% free "just for the love of the game" podcast. Fact is, when you post these less than constructive criticisms, there are consequences. Namely, other listeners like myself are less apt to come back and spend time with you all (i.e. Team Shariq). Even worse if some genuinely nice host, guest, or guest host comes to see how we enjoyed their effort. You definitely have the right to act like an ass and we definitely have the right to not want to be associated with you. Amen you are the man. Kulap and June are gorgeous both inside and out. And I was also playing video games while listening. (I love them, but I definitely wouldn't play them around potential buyers...I actually agree with her sentiment unfortunately)
  2. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    Love the community feedback on this one. This was one of the more entertaining episodes on a completely different level. The guest was so persistent on making sure he wasn't perceived incorrectly. I think I understand him perfectly now....humorless, anti-social, user of women (and men...$$$). Very proud of the entire blastoff crew for lining the entire episode with heavy sarcasm and not biting on the "that is not funny" or "I'm being serious" b.s. Was it just me or did anyone else find it EXTREMELY SHOCKING that he just blew over the whole Tig/Kyle Bus Bang Session? He was the prototypical closeted homophobe too.....he kept reiterating "I don't care what people do with their own sexuality...blah blah blah". When Tig kept adding her "and women" bit, he just had to restate his stance...like that stance is something to wear as a badge of honor. Reminds me of when people want to take credit for not being a cheater or asshole. YA THAT IS THE NORM, GOOD FOR YOU.
  3. Mosdefjukie

    EPISODE 196 — Addiction

    Great show guys...someone needs to give Sean props on his RTJ t-shirt. Very solid.
  4. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 110 — Badgering The Hoochie

    Pleasantly surprised on this one. I thought Jason added a lot of good content and kept the banter tight.
  5. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 56 — Twins

    What an amazing episode. I might be biased as I blame the Sklars for starting me on this neverending podcast wormhole that began around 2 years ago after hearing them on Jim Rome. I agree with the sentiment, this may be the best Blastoff yet....and there wasn't even a crazy Kyle story or swamp rock! I only usually make comments when I have an actual physical reaction to a show. I literally remember hurting from laughing so hard no less than 3 times. I also remember (this is a first ever for me) actually CLAPPING when David finally agreed to look away from the light and let the "Huntsberger" just happen.
  6. Meta catchphrases are the worst type of catchphrase.
  7. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 69.5 — 3/30/12 TWO CHARTED 8

    For Kulap - This song was on repeat for an entire plain flight last week for me. Close your eyes and relax! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9ZG2VW2WJk
  8. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 69.5 — 3/30/12 TWO CHARTED 8

    For Howard - You need to add some Moka Only to your life. As Jensen stated, the only notable rappers from Canada were part of Swollen Members. Moka was a part of them off and on for several years. He has been doing his own thing now for a long time, check this song off his amazing album, Vermilion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl6-FUdUp7Q
  9. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 69.5 — 3/30/12 TWO CHARTED 8

    Love the two charted every week, keep em coming. I thought I would give a couple tune recommendations for my favorite hosts and see if they make a dent in their upcoming chart! I also wanted to let all Earwolf fans know how much ass these people kick for us and thought I would include a little pic of what made my day last month (check out that watch!)
  10. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 28 — Director's Edition: Crank

    What an incredible episode. Brian was really entertaining and had great things to say about all your questions. I can't wait for Crank 3!! (if we ALL just fantasize about a world where there is a third Crank....we may get our dreams to come true).
  11. Mosdefjukie

    TLP Weekly Video Clips Up On Youtube

    Love the video clips! Keep them coming!
  12. Just wanted to make a possible topic that Craig might have thoughts on. I know making a Craig request is similar to yelling out song titles at a concert....everyone hates that guy. I just thought he hasn't made an appearance for awhile and wanted to if he could share his experiences on being homeschooled, why some people over 7 still say Mommy/Daddy, and what demographic he thinks he appeals to the most. Its been forum comment. Brendan L
  13. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 45 — Sex Chickens

    FYI...the song that everyone liked that was playing during 50/50 trailer was "Lunchmeat" by a band called Menomena. They are truly one of the best bands to see live....I will go out of my way to catch them whenever they come to Socal/Phoenix. They are very Portlandish....being from Portland. LOVE THEM!!! * I know this band would make it past into the Vilauckerman household, but I think even Howard would dig them. * Hopefully fellow listener Will is telling the truth and is actually 64....that just made me smile and made my day. Brendan L(emons)
  14. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    This podcast is just so endearing. All these phish fans coming out from behind their beards to keep Harris's spirits up, only to truly know that phandom will never be attained. I think Harris's fellow phans are concerned if he listens to Phish too much sober, he might actually despise them as much as the next tasteful music lover. My theory is that Harris doesn't necessarily like listening to Phish, but that they are directly linked to the pleasure center in his brain that also likes illegal beans. Basically, he just likes to be reminded about his trips when he doesn't have mr. Magic bean man around. Brendan L
  15. Mosdefjukie

    Episode 20 — Sexual Attraction

    What a great episode. Can't say enough about how much the show just keeps getting stronger and stronger each week. This has turned from a "when I run out of other podcasts" listen to an immediate "I can't believe its already over" listen. I'm glad Sarah got a taste of Kyle's classic memory rhymes, they are such great devices for remembering those age old life lessons. Curious to see if Tig will ever comment on her prestigous time as one of our honorable Supreme court judges...holla. * Brendan Lemons