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  1. paulo_one

    Episode 283 - The Masked Guest

    The Masked Guest is without question the funniest podcast Hollywood Handbook has produced. I laughed all the way through it. Still the most creative podcast around!
  2. paulo_one

    Best of 2017 Pt. 4

    Wow...Jon Grabus and everyone...brilliant!
  3. Without doubt this was the best, most hilarious episode I have yet heard. I have never laughed so loudly listening to a podcast. Brilliant!
  4. paulo_one

    Episode 74 - The Church of Starbucks

    Loved this episode and Stephen you are OhmyCD and James you are just plain nuts! Love you guys!
  5. I've named the two I grabbed at Disneyland Hayes and Sean. Thanks for teaching me how to do it! What do I do with them now?
  6. paulo_one

    Episode 189 — Canada

    Funny how inspite of all our short comings here in the US, it's where the Canadian comics and performers come to make the big bucks, that doesn't seem to bother them. It may come as a shock to our Canadian friends that Freedom of religion in Canada is a constitutionally protected right just like here...ey! People who live in glass hooses should throw stones... Better you guys focus on winning the Stanley Cup which you haven't managed to do in 21 years!
  7. Probably the zanniest and funniest show to date! Great chemistry!
  8. paulo_one

    Episode 2 — The Betsy Podcast

    The podcast just gets better and better. I am loving every minute!
  9. I wet myself! Probably the funniest podcast ever! So much fun, this one is going into my library.
  10. Brilliant. Entertainment history told by someone who lived it. This was one of the finest podcast interviews I have ever heard. Hope we get more from Allan.
  11. Two of the nicest people in comedy! Great conversation. It's nice to be reminded why I really enjoy both of you!
  12. paulo_one

    Episode 5 — Burning Man

    Repeating a mistake doesn't make it right. My kid comes home in tears because he is ridiculed to death because he stutters...too sensitive? Let me give you some advice, get a heart!
  13. paulo_one

    Episode 5 — Burning Man

    I love the show but I have one bone to pick with this episode. There are people who are afraid to go out in public because they are afraid of the ridicule they receive when they speak. The have lisps, they slurp their words, or they stutter which our culture finds hysterical for some perverted reason. You chose to represent your advertiser by slurping through the commercial, next time speak with a stereotypical black street accent or a clownish chicano accent...it's all as equally offensive.
  14. paulo_one

    Episode 97 — Viruses

    full tilt - Meaning "full speed," it is from the encounter at full gallop of knights in a tilt (lance combat). Love the show! Tig you are Wonder Woman!
  15. paulo_one

    Episode 20 — Owen & TJ Read the News

    No thanks, I stopped thinking No Homo was funny years ago!