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  1. Imagine not knowing that the survival rate is 99.99%...
  2. If I could save time in a bottle I wouldn't be the depraved timeaholic I'v become.
  3. tylersmith86

    Upside Down

    Upside Down
  4. If I could save time in a bottle I wouldn't be the depraved timeaholic I'v become
  5. tylersmith86

    Episode 129 — Professional Liar

    Way to squeeze the goose Huskey (PLEASE pass that on !!!)... Also, I bid a hearty "Great Episode !!!" to YOU guys...Ku, How, 'Stard... Love !!! Wish I could send money... Keep On Keeping On
  6. tylersmith86

    Episode 27 — Building The Track Pt. 11

    You both know you're cool. Talkin' and/or Rockin' or not. This stack of recent eps has been a real treat.
  7. tylersmith86

    Episode 24 — Building The Track Pt. 8

    I too am glad this belongs to America Thanks guys
  8. tylersmith86

    Episode 43 — CA: Neo-Seoul

    Nevermind the Mungbeans of the world, this was a GREAT run of podcasts. Hey Ti, with all of your brilliant observations, even while enduring such garbage, you would be a perfect guest for How Did This Get Made! Maybe revisit Cloud Atlas or find another awefull race-raping, fuster-cluck of a movie to skewer. Anyway, thanks for the free content and, again, Mungbeans be damned! Keep up the good work
  9. Very good bonus cut, probably didn't fit on the full episode because of all the awesomes scenes allready there. Thanks for all the hard work!
  10. tylersmith86

    Episode 41 — Surf Lingo

    Amnesia Moon - Jonathan Lethem
  11. tylersmith86

    Episode 40 — Over Hard

    Chit-chat chit-chat chit-chat! Very funny episode, on the favorites list. Thanks Besser, by the way. Got 'FreakDance' on Amazon through the banner on the show page, finally. I think you nailed it, looks great on film.