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  1. Fritz

    Episode 100.5 — Sklarbro County 5

    I gotta say, im loving the County more and more each time, Van Kirk is really funny and I'm glad we get to hear so much of him. Drunken GPS and the suit against the 11 year old were my favorite bits.
  2. Fritz

    Episode 32 — 88 Minutes

    Pete Holmes, surprisingly, didn't make it weird, just awesome. Been loving the guests on recently keep it coming!
  3. Fritz

    Episode 29 — Trespass

    Downloaded this movie without watching the movie, after Scheer's opening lines "hostages being held hostage by hostages, and nobody is telling the truth" Instantly paused the episode, got the moive and watched it. It did not disappoint. Nic Cage blows my mind
  4. Supposed to be said like Adam Scott in Party Down
  5. Fritz

    Earwolf Android app

    Bump. Any recent news on the Android app? I know the iPhone one is up and running, but no news on the Android version. Just curious
  6. Fritz

    Episode 127 — National Pleasure

    Paul Scheer / Bob Cage = Star. Great episode, don't usually watch Comedy Bang Bang, more of a HDTGM guy, but I love the music on the show. Is there a thread or link to the different "commercial breaks" songs? Especially Like a G-Six. Thanks, and I love the Show
  7. Anyone else question why the recent kidnap / double amputee is on top the entire time while banging her boyfriend?
  8. Fritz

    Episode 11.5 — Minisode Twelve

    Alternate name for Guru Pitka: Guru SkweekiPharta