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    Episode 177 - Wild Horses, Our Close Friends

    The Horses are my favorite guests on shows, and this is my favorite show, so... do the math. I've spent 15 minutes looking at the episodes pictures and thinking how/when/where best to listen. Those fifteen minutes factor into the math somehow.
  2. I almost never knew about this. I hope Sean and Hayes spread the word about their guest appearance here on their next episode.
  3. AMPhibian

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    Gemberling and Holland were delightful, and Cummings was fine, but the first half hour didn't grab my interest.
  4. Before you let your kids use the internet tell them how to deal with comments, and how horny you are.
  5. hollywood handbook, you break my heart. i am padlock's dogs or something, i know. i should be grateful that something this good, that i've grown to love so much, comes to me so regularly, for free. but what kind of lover am i (i think to myself aloud) when this podcast usually comes to me every tuesday morning, and all of a sudden it stops coming, and as a lover of this podcast, there's nothing i can do to help make it come? that kind of scorn hurts where. . . it hurts. I guess I'll go back to how my tuesday mornings were before HH, and drink a 40 while watching The Princess Bride, alone.
  6. According to my calculations, "an apple a day" will stop being a sustainable practice by 2019.
  7. If success has many fathers, and failure is an orphan, mediocrity has one dad who gets drunk most weekends.
  8. I bought those in the market, when I was but a boy, Those walnuts in your hand, brought me thirty years of joy,
  9. Forgive me, Lord. For I am covered in soup.
  10. AMPhibian

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Did you guys get this one yet? I don't think I've heard it on the show. It's pretty visual, but the vocal effects he starts to make about a minute into it are pretty funny, even without video. And, it's a funny thing to try and describe.
  11. Baby changing station? More like adults-only fuck bench. Why else would those things support upward of 35 stone?
  12. Why not peanuts filled with chocolate? Or hot dogs filled with cornbread? Isn't that kind of sexist?
  13. Nice to see that June allowed herself to be photographed, on this special occasion.
  14. AMPhibian

    Episode 286 β€” Time Bobby 3

    I was bussin' up so hard when Scott unzipped, and became Don DiMello.
  15. Jason was awesome on this episode.
  16. AMPhibian

    Episode 173 β€” Doughnut Agree

    Kulap is dearly missed.
  17. hahaha, pure unrelenting laughter!! thank you, bob ducca.
  18. hahaha, pure unrelenting laughter!! thank you, bob ducca.
  19. hilarious! i should maybe donate some money now
  20. @theloudestfan: oh yes!! although lying in bed, i was trying the best i could to follow along, relaxed with the lights out and everything. needless to say it was mostly just unbounded giggling, and still relaxing.
  21. it did something for me alright, it made me laugh until my side hurt, and then later i died because it was actually serious.
  22. thanks bob, i just realized i've been tying myself in ropes of nopes!
  23. haha, every one is my new favorite!
  24. hahaha, laughing way too hard for 9:50pm, and no i don't live with a child or old lady, i was just laughing really really loud.