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    "Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. Ladies and gentlemen, Aukerman's snake is calmer!" VBinNV
  2. EarHair

    Episode 148 — Wipeout!

    Great episode...two great ones in a row! Keep up the wonderful work, Scott.
  3. EarHair

    Episode 6 — Jon Daly\'s Rafflecast

    Terrific episode although I'll be roto-rootering my earholes after Prairie Home sputum! We wants mo!
  4. EarHair

    Episode 14.5 — Minisode Fifteen

    "I'd love to see the movie, but I'll be at Jay Leno's funeral.......he's not.......oh well, I'll be getting ready for it."
  5. EarHair

    Episode 9 — Men

    Terrific program gals. I hear one of you is hiding a banana.
  6. EarHair

    Home Page

    Earwolf's home page should feature each of the company's podcasts, not just the four latest.
  7. EarHair

    Episode 10 - Fate

    Way to make your guest feel guilty for being a billionaire.
  8. EarHair

    Episode 6 — Independence Day

    Makes me proud to be an American.
  9. EarHair

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    The US Navel Observatory commends The Wolf Den on its last four episodes. Jeff, when are you going to stop referring to Earwolf as a comedy podcasting network? You are limiting the company by doing so. Although a couple of guests mentioned it, I would be interested to know what podcasts they once listened to, but stopped doing so.
  10. EarHair

    Project Tippy-Toe

    Don't delete this thread...it's one of Earwolf's best!