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  1. Correction: The Jim Henson Creature Shop didn't make Muppets at this time. The Muppet Workshop did, although they merged in 2004. The Creature Shop was meant to develop more lifelike creatures like the ones in Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal as well as effects. Maybe not surprisingly, on the Muppet wiki, The Phantom is the only credit they have listed for "costume effects." Omission: When during the long line of Phantoms did they decide to use guns? Sure, maybe rudimentary firearm technology existed when the first Phantom came about, but there had to one guy along the line who decided that 2 semi-automatic pistols would be a good aid in his anti-pirate crusade. It's not really established if Phantoms were ever opposed to lethal force. 2nd Omission: If Quill took the Phantom's belt after he killed him, why can he not make the obvious logical conclusion that it's a different guy? Does he think he's a Ghost Who Walks who also magically regenerates leather products.
  2. Rodney

    EPISODE 117 - Theodore Rex: LIVE!

    I've got a theory on the disguise machine, and a few omissions. My theory - If there was a ninja section of town, maybe there were also opera singer, racist mexican, racist scottish, etc. parts of town. You can't tell me that they toymaker's outfit wouldn't have been an exact message for something that came out of that machine. Omissions: We see the 2 elephants running around the complex before they're frozen and it's clearly a mother and baby. So are they the breeding pair or is that baby not going to be frozen and be left to die. Speaking of the freezing - the scientist made a compound such that animals and people can be frozen and unthawed without a problem. Then his plan is to freeze the pairs, and have everyone else die off in an ice age. Why the need to freeze the pairs? Wouldn't they survive the ice age? How long were they going to be frozen for? In scene where they had the clone autopsied, the doctor went on and on about how he sequenced the DNA and was able to uncover that it was marked as property of EDEN. THEN he also points out how a fingernail of the clone is also very obviously marked. If I were a taxpayer for this police department I'd be very unhappy. Lastly, after a movie with the most varying level of threats from the bad guys, it ends with whoopi walking around nonchalantly while 4 or 5 red-eyed clones shoot at her. There was no sense of danger from her at all.
  3. Omission, sorry if this has been covered but there's so many pages: The DC scene that looked like it was filmed on a Hollywood backlot was filmed in a part of Universal Orlando. They had an open call for extras and made it very clear it was for sharknado, but they couldn't get enough interest. They had to pull in back office (corporate) staff at Universal to fill in. I knew a couple people who were less than thrilled about taking part. Also funny that there was 0 Harry Potter stuff, although there was that interview where they mentioned wanting to get Radcliffe.
  4. Rodney

    EPISODE 356 — Heynong Man

    30 years ago there was no garbage island. Just sayin'.
  5. They mentioned that Richard Kind's character was also the team's manager for 15 years. Was he distracted during every single home game about his last at-bat as a player? And what kind of enclosed stairway, which is clearly itself a fire exit, and is somehow filling with water, would have another sign directing you to a fire escape, that is just a spiral staircase, the most difficult type of stairs to navigate?
  6. Rodney

    Episode 81 — Mortal Kombat

    More points: -Why was Liu the only monk from the temple to come fight? There didn't seem to be any limit to who could go, so why not stack the odds? This is the fate of the world after all. -Why in he first fight with the dreadlocks were he and Liu both given staffs to fight with? In no other fight does this occur. -When our 3 heroes get caught snooping around and are confronted by the strongmen with their faces covered, Liu and Johnny are each confronted by 3 men, Sonya only with 1. So it seems like they were already showing she's not as strong a fighter as the other guys. -I think Paul breezed past it, but the deal between Johnny and Shang Tsung was ridiculous. Johnny wants to challenge Goro (makes sense, he didn't want anyone else to lose and have their souls sucked) and Shang's side of the deal is something like "I can challenge ANYONE at ANYTIME and that will be the ONLY fight that determines who wins the tournament"! And then Raiden is happy Johnny makes that deal because Johnny finally understands Mortal Kombat.
  7. Rodney

    Episode 76 — Fair Game

    I went online to look up the explosion video and instead found a local newspaper article about its filming. (right down the street from where I am now) Knowing where the industry here is now, it’s sad to read. http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/1995-03-24/news/9503230718_1_film-office-las-olas-boulevard-county-s-film
  8. Rodney

    Episode 49 — App Talk

    I had a similar experience to Matt with those giant lizards. When I first moved to South Florida one was outside my window and no one in the office was as excited as I was. I looked it up and they're called knight anoles, brought in from Cuba. Apparently if it gets too cold they can't take it and will freeze. Sometimes falling out of trees and onto people. I'm dying to see that happen.
  9. It smells like uphotdog in here.
  10. Scott, please bring back the Entourage recap! It's the final season and I can't keep track of who's longtime patner is dumping him.
  11. Rodney

    Episode 116 — When I Go To Queens...

    Scott, he'd said 5 pairs. (I just happened to have relistened to the show this morning)
  12. Second on Richter, Adomian, and Aukerman. Third on Weird Al. I'd also like to hear Adam Scott.
  13. Rodney

    Episode 10 - Fate

    I have a weird astrology story to share, which this episode reminded me of. I don't believe in it at all, but every time I remember this it makes me think for a while. A few years ago I was visiting with 3 of my good friends (2 male, 1 female) on a summer break from college. We went out to the beach and one of the guys invited his housemate along. The housemate was really into astrology, and she started asking us our signs as a way to start getting to know us. As it turns out, the 4 of us (not the housemate) were all born within the same 11 day period of the same year (but in 2 different parts of the country). To her, that was an example of astrology’s validity because it says sagittariuses get along together well or something. It's not like those are my only friends, so what a weird coincidence that the only time I've ever met someone way into astrology it would be while in the company of those 3 only. (my thought on why sagittaruises get along so well- we can commiserate how growing up, our birthdays are so close to final exams and Christmas that they’re barely recognized)
  14. Rodney

    Where's the merch?

    Can we suggest merch? Cuz I'd love to have a Good One Robot toy for my desk so I can save energy on sarcastic responses to my coworkers. Just press its head and let it speak for me.