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  1. Stay white here i'll be right black!
  2. nosebear

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    the keyboard was my favorite character.
  3. nosebear

    What guest do you want to see?

    Where is James Adomian these days? i miss that guy!!
  4. Aint no party like a Turkish mother giving you a bath!
  5. COME ON MAN!!!! you use that one for Comedy Fang Fang, thsi one is along the same lines, but probbably came first! came all over you!!!! COME ON!!!!!!
  6. nosebear

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    was the whole constipation bit done to give Jon Daly's dad something to laugh at?
  7. nosebear

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    awesome to hear a Professor Blastoff reference.
  8. nosebear

    Episode 130 — Tall Napoleon

    The episode won't download on iTunes for some reason. Somebody fix. make work. thank.
  9. nosebear

    Add Your Artwork!

    i know right? Jon daly is like, c'mon guys, i'm actually serious about this.
  10. nosebear

    Add Your Artwork!

    finally got to finishing this. [attachment=9980,231]
  11. nosebear

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    is Jon Daly gay?
  12. nosebear

    Quick Hits Music!!

  13. nosebear

    Quick Hits Music!!

  14. nosebear

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    wow Suicide House is extremely well lit for a suicide house.