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    Nothing But Trouble

    This is that movie you've seen pieces of on cable and can never remember the name of, but is so insane that those parts you saw are burned into your brain forever. Chevy Chase and Demi Moore play rich New York socialites who get pulled over for running a stop sign in a backwoods town on the way to Atlantic City. They go before the town judge (a hundred-year-old man played by Dan Aykroyd in rubber makeup worthy of an Austin Powers sequel) and get thrown in the brig for being assholes. The rest of the movie consists the unlikable duo encountering a series of bizarre set pieces and revolting characters, including a flesh-devouring rollercoaster, a giant mute woman played unfortunately by John Candy, a triple-bladed guillotine, two man-sized greasy babies, a performance by Digital Underground, and a toy train that dispenses hot dog condiments. This movie was written and directed by Aykroyd, who I'm sure envisioned a horror-comedy in the vein of Ghostbusters, but ended up with some kind of harbinger of the Saw franchise. If Old Dogs was a comedy made by aliens trying to understand our world, this is a comedy made by a serial killer trying to make us understand his.
  2. torgo1985

    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    He has it in the dinner scene, too. Chevy gives a bug-eyed take to the camera over it. When I was about 9 I caught this movie on cable, turning it on right as Chevy Chase was on Mr. Bonestripper's treadmill. I spent most of my life convincing myself it was just a horrible dream, until it came up again on Comedy Central. Then I realized not only was it a real movie, but it was made by people who had made some of my favorite comedies ever! It was then that I first knew betrayal. I disagree with the crew not recommending that anyone watch Nothing But Trouble. I think everyone should watch it at least once, just to come out of the experience stronger.
  3. torgo1985

    Episode 55.5 — Minisode 55.5

    There are two things I genuinely love about this movie. First is that nobody can describe its genre without a question mark. "It's a comedy?" "It's a Texas Chainsaw Massacre spoof?" "It's a prosthetic makeup demo reel?" Second is the copy on the back of the DVD. Paul, if you have the DVD or can find the text of the copy, please, please read it on the show. It oversells the fun you're going to have watching the movie so hard. I remember it saying that Candy and Aykroyd had "two tasty roles each." Those roles being, in reverse order of tastiness: a cop, a mute fat lady, a million year old man, and a giant greasy baby. Ugh.
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