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    Episode 41 — Double Time

    I think you guys are being short sighted with your ruling on detect magic. You shouldn't need to be a caster to detect it. Its like detecting a trap. You dont need to a thief to tell if there's a trap, it just helps to be trained in it. If a given character is intelligent enough they could intuit that something was magical, just like if they were cunning enough they would be able to detect a trap or secret passage.
  2. ColonelForbin

    Episode 151.5 — Sklarbro County 56

    is it just me or is Tasing the naked drunk guy who spit in your face a little much?
  3. ColonelForbin

    Space Jam (1996)

    I tend to agree with this. It was a movie made for kids, it would be like them doing an episode any other Disney movie. I'm sure they could tear it apart, and make fun of it well. But its not exactly a bad movie. It's just a kids movie, it doesn't really require a plausible plot, etc.
  4. ColonelForbin

    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    For you, the day you did a podcast about Street Fighter: The Movie was the most important day of your life, but for me.... ...it was tuesday. Its quite funny how bad the plot in this movie is. At this point the games have probably have more cohesive storylines than the movie does. Then dont get me started about the various animated movies, they all have immensely better than Street Fighter: The Movie.
  5. ColonelForbin

    Episode 20 — Burst Through and Kill

    Can i be reminded what people's alignments are? Brian should be at least chaotic.
  6. ColonelForbin

    Episode 115 — Bizarro

    Harris missed the chance to make a Type 1/Type 2 Jam reference in reference to those biscotti jokes. As a fellow Phish fan, i am disappoint.
  7. ColonelForbin

    Episode 202 — Philip Traumatic Seymour Disorder

    Nick Thune needs a new doctor. really? GIs "Cant find parasites"?? we all have them???? Granted, im sure there is a selection of the population that has some nasty things going on in their guts they just chalk up to poor eating habits(considering the vast majority of parasites are pretty much harmless, they will make you get sick but will usually pass on their own). But "we all have them" is a bit crazy. then correlating that to brain parasites? Talking about a natural doctor "separating a parasite from someones brain on a mucus level"? such utter BS. I feel bad for Thune, he let his skepticism of doctors lead him to get swindled by a shyster. Normally i would come down on someone harder for speaking that out of turn about something medical, but since he's on comedy bang bang i'll let him slide. If he was on a podcast that talked a little more seriously(say, if he had this discussion on WTF or You Made It Weird) i would come down on him hard, but since people are a lot less likely to take real advice from here, its not AS huge an offence.
  8. ColonelForbin

    Episode 12 — Deeper Into The Base

    If Brian wanted to do the "metal" thing and kill every innocent they came across, why in the world did he roll a good character?
  9. The story behind the Andy Warhol thing is pretty funny. He was a wrestling fan, and would go to shows regularly at MSG. He happened to wander into the room where Hogan, Lauper and Mr T were cutting promos. Still so odd that they put him on the spot, since it was going live to MTV.
  10. ColonelForbin

    Episode 11 — The Battle Continues

    Sark said it himself, they will take the stuff that they like. Although personally i wish they would just pick an edition they like and play that instead. But if the idea is they want to learn 4e , that's probably the best way to do it
  11. FRANK ZAPPA DIDNT DO DRUGS. He was completely clean, no alcohol or anything. The music nerd in me felt the need to shout that somewhere.
  12. ColonelForbin

    Episode 9 — Going In Recons Blazing

    It worked for the penny arcade guys playing 4e on a podcast. DnD has always been a mix of strategy and roleplaying so i dont see the grid mechanics and such holding back the game. I always consider the fighting part the dumbest and most boring part of these podcasts. The fun part is character interaction and storytelling. But, i digress. Personally i love the group going "alright guys..we are going to sneak and seal some dudes outfits", smash cut to casting and stabbing people through the back with a broadsword.
  13. ColonelForbin

    Jeff Q&A

    I feel my question is already answered by the existence of this thread but here i go. How important do you feel transparency is to creating a successful website that specializes in content generation/delivery?
  14. ColonelForbin

    Episode 142 — Popcorn.com

    No 'Would You Rather'? No Sale(just ignore the fact that i had to listen to the whole episode to know there was no WYR.)
  15. ColonelForbin

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    EVERYONE AT PHISH SHOWS RUNS AROUND DOSING EACH OTHER. You can avoid drugs at phish shows. Scott's experience is not the average, he could have turned down drugs, he just didn't. Its not like old school Grateful Dead shows in the 70s where people run around with squirt guns full of acid and spray people. I've seen phish 5 times, and 4 of those times i wasnt under the influence of anything more than alcohol. I've never had a stranger 'stick their finger in my mouth', and i've never been unwittingly dosed with some substance that i didn't know what it was. Once again, scott went into this saying HE WANTED to get fucked up. That's why he did a bunch of drugs, its not like a tab of acid comes with the ticket and they watch you drop it at the door. There are no 'crazies' at phish shows who run around doing crazy shit. They wear costumes and maybe act a little weird, but its not like they run around giving people drugs who dont ask for them.