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  1. What the hell, guys? I just added this to my favorites on Stitcher Premium yesterday so I'd never miss an episode. I'm so pissed. Definitely one of the funniest shows on the network and one I always looked forward to. Oh, the injustice of it all. I hope we can at least hear these two on future CBB shows perhaps. Maybe. Ugh. I haven't been this mad since they canceled The Apple Sisters.
  2. MatManz

    Episode 531 - Atmosphere Bully

    One for the Best Ofs. Great lineup of ridiculous, funny people.
  3. This was just really fun. Everyone played it dead serious which just made it all the more hilarious.
  4. I love how this has become a parody of itself but still remains hilarious, every time.
  5. Yellowcard/Ocean Avenue reference was much appreciated. I knew Zach and Jess were emo kids. Great show as always.
  6. MatManz

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    Such a fun show. Everyone hit their marks. I intended to listen to this as I was going to sleep but I was laughing so hard that I couldn't. "Daddy had to slap me!"
  7. Great show. Fugelsang's always an intelligent delight.
  8. MatManz

    Episode 361 - Chang's Christian Calves

    One of the original Earwolf shows. Had a great time listening here and will most likely follow them to Feral. Good ep, Tom will not let you finish a sentence but his stories are damn interesting. I would have totally released the Trump tapes.
  9. MatManz

    Episode 292 - Ice Cream Sex Party

    Scared me, I thought Sklarbro Country was gone. I think they're just doing two different shows. Loved the Scotty Aucks character and the Ice Cream Sex Party scene was amazing.
  10. Definitely but there's so much comedy in that voice of his alone, turning it up to 11 would've been a real treat.
  11. Quite possibly the worst Mitch McConnell impression I've ever heard. With all due respect.
  12. MatManz

    Episode 480 - Tooth of the Sea

    Actually enjoyed this more than a lot of the more recent episodes. Scott was on fire. Jane had some real funny lines and helped add a lot of context. Drew's character was hilarious. I don't know how he pulled Ashley Parker Angel out of his ass. I hadn't heard that name in over ten years.