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  1. Right there: https://soundcloud.c...-peeing-u2-2-me
  2. Hi, As the producer of another chatty podcast (http://sliceradio.co...-in-your-place/) and already having hosted so many top qual guests on the show I felt to not write a lame begging cover song to try and impress Scott for an interview wasn't an option anymore. Here it is, let the micro chips fall where they will! https://soundcloud.c...n-were-going-to
  3. danoforange

    Shout out

    Tears for Fears pop in to lay a plugs theme on the gang.
  4. Theme for the '@JenKirkman Blocked on Twitter Club' - she blocks creeps this might be their theme song of they had a club.
  5. danoforange

    Never miss list.

    Hey, you guys are on my ''never miss'' list, you really make my blood go round.
  6. danoforange

    sexy Scott

    ''I'll be your hootchie cootchie man, all night long Momma!''
  7. danoforange

    I like your show.

    I like your show...soooo.....what else is happenin'?......might rain today I heard....ok, I'm just gonna go....call me...or not it's cool...k bye
  8. Melody originally from 'You weren't in love with me' - Billy Field
  9. Tears for Fears are my muse.
  10. danoforange


    ..that's it, not really a topic.
  11. danoforange

    Episode 14 — Green Lantern

    bad comic = bad movie
  12. danoforange

    CBB Pilot format

    Hopefully it's all in a ball pit.
  13. danoforange

    Harris Wittels Needs His Own Podcast

    Yes, I vote that as well.