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  1. This episode was feckin' hilarious! I felt like I was in a backroom with a load of Mafia guys who were giving shit to 'this fuckin' kid!' LOL! The Improv was great too because it was like the Mafia guys were all doing improv on the side so they could better rib the kid! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: If Eric has to go then please replace him with another clueless mope! (ie: a kid new to LA with no showbiz ambitions)
  2. Doctor Barry Manillo I presume?
  3. TrevMurphy

    Episode 3 — Gelmania III

    I wrote a 5 star review in the Canadian iTunes and it fucking vanished. What mooseshit!
  4. TrevMurphy

    Episode 3 — Gelmania III

    Love this show!
  5. Great to hear some relaxed banter between comedians and great improv!
  6. TrevMurphy

    Live from Bumbershoot 2011 Discussion

    That was great, thanks for posting!!
  7. TrevMurphy

    What guest do you want to see?

    The Mighty Boosh
  8. TrevMurphy

    Can Harris Wittels become a Co-Host.

    More Analyze Phish!
  9. I don't mind the odd non-comedian guest but I agree with playing mostly comedy songs. I'd never heard Steel Panther, Garfunkel and Oates or Henry Phillips before CBB. All that other stuff is fine for another podcast.
  10. TrevMurphy

    Add Your Artwork!

    I finally got around to finishing that pic of Paul F. Tompkins. If you want is as wallpaper for your mobile or desktop I have more sizes here: http://trevmurphy.com/2011/comedian-paul-f-tompkins/ [attachment=9962,230]
  11. I stopped listening to this podcast after the Mark Maron episodes. I liked his WTF podcast but he was such a crabby git on this he put me in a bad mood. It seemed as though the judges could've done with a coaching session tbh. I don't like that some of the judges have been guests on some of the competitors podcasts either. "I've been a guest on their show...I like these guys". Really? Doesn't sound quite impartial enough for me.
  12. TrevMurphy

    Episode 118 — Hologram Toes

    I loved this episode! It's genius listening to Scott and Patton flesh out these characters brought in by Andy Daly and Eddie, two of my favourtite episodes! Also loved James Adomian's restaurant critic!
  13. TrevMurphy

    Add Your Artwork!

    Looks great!